The Name Anya Benton, You Should Follow on IG, Here for Kandyshop Bikinis and Spearmint Rhino at FDLB 2016 @Abenton1

We cannot say wow enough to our feature model Anya Benton! No matter where she appears, there is destined to have a storm of awesomeness of her! / W&HM Staff

This is the first time we met up Anya Benton, and we were impressed, to say the least.  Under the super blond hair and tight black fit outfit, Anya has shown us her beautiful curves, and looks and poses and simply the overall look!

We still remember the time she did a quick take-away of video in front of  us at a car show, and it was simply amazing by just a few seemingly simple moves.  They are so exquisite and so intoxicating that is
worth playing again and again and again...  (You can find them in our Instagram @wheelsandheelsmag account...)

Anya Benton

Anya Benton and Thamilla Silva

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