HOT HOT HOT Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2016 is Another Success!! @extremeautofest #extremeautofest

The heat wave did not stop the hotness of the models and cars at the Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2016, another year of great car show successes! / W&HM Staff

The highly anticipated Extreme Autofest Anaheim was held under the dome of sun drenched heat and on the baking Angel Stadium parking.

Undeterred by the hot wind from all directions, people showed up with their cars, vendors brought in their models and showcases, food trucks lined up along the fence, and show cars sprawled across the big parking lot.

It was a scene that succinctly describing the so-Cal car show world and people's enthusiasm of cars and model, or in our words, wheels and heels!

We were so happy to see many familiar faces showed up at the event, as well as the new models came in as new waves of talents. It's a scene to be captured for a great memory.  If you were not there, don't worry; we've got you covered!  A lot more detailed coverage will come out in the next few days!

Of the great models that we have the honor and pleasure  of working with, we are extremely happy to see our cover models, Gabby Jeanne, ,Ashley Twomey, Sarah Marie, and feature models Charise Jeanine, Bethany Gragg, Bianca Stam, Bee Barajas!  They totally lighted up the show with their awesomeness in modeling and friendliness!


Of course, the show cars at the Extreme Autofest are legendary.  The various types of mods from low riders, to import tuners, to ultra luxury as well as vintage and classics, are simply the feast for the eyes, and a car lover world that comes together harmoniously.  More cars will be covered in our Wheels section soon!

Now let's take a look at the full highlight coverage of the awesome Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2016!

Extreme Autofest Model Lounge

Gabby Jeanne
The awesome duo, Gabby Jeanne and Big Abe

Diana Mila

Arnee Mory

Kallita Daniel

Rachel Contolella

Christine Zegers

Lilly Evans

Lilly Evans

Amanda Mitta

Vendor Models

The big model line up for Rafael Clothing
Zoey Lee

Bethany Gragg

Bethany Gragg

Sunny Fae

Whitney Chase

Heather Charm

JDM Sport Girls





Heather Kirby

Spocom Models

Bianca Stam

Shirley May

Lexani Wheels, A Busy Booth

Theresa Erika

Powerbass Girls 

Sarah Marie and BFF

Talent in Modeling


Jewel and C-anne

Phamtom Girls

Maddy Belle

Krave Girls' Queen Cass

Show Cars at Extreme Autofest Anaheim 

Extreme Autofest Bikini Context 

Extreme Autofest Bikini Contest is totally widely know.  The many talents coming from all corners of the continent, including Seattle and east coast, and of course local talents all competing for the top three prizes, $500, $300, and $200!  This has put the heat and competition into high gear.  

Models showed their extreme skills to please the judges, the audience, and the hundreds of cameras out there.  The heat was on, and the demand for more was high.  In the end, the curviest model gave the audience and judges the ultimate resolution to pick her as the winner!

Overall, this was such a pleasure experience and a wonderful car and model show in the southern California.  We are looking forward to the San Diego Extreme Autofest in about a month already!!

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