2014 #ExtremeAutofest San Diego - More and More!

 San Diego, CA, by W&HM - It was a non-stop trip of meeting models at the 2014 Extreme Autofest San Diego.  Here we have to conclude with all the model coverage here, and introduce you the last but not the least model / personalities, including a great turn out of Mr Clean Promotions girls at the show.

2014 #ExtremeAutofest San Deigo More Models from the Cool Vendors

 San Diego, CA, by W&HM - 2014 Extreme Autofest San Diego was a fun and very popular event.  There were many vendors at the show, and some brought awesome models with them.

Here we have the Budlight model as well as Monster Energy Drink models.  We are not sure why all the liquid related promotional models are all so hot, but we definitely enjoy their presence without any questions asked!

2014 #ExtremeAutofest @elizabethtran626 @christinezegers

 Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - Our cover model Elizabeth Tran has been busy with many car shows this Summer.  She appeared in major car shows including Wekfest LA, Spocom, EAF Anaheim, and here EAF San Diego, and many more we are sure!  Together with Elizabeth there were Airica Moe and Christine Zegers, all in their bright jerseys of green, red, and blue.

2014 #ExtremeAutofest San Diego @joolemai @lori.lin

 San Diego, CA, by W&HM - Vendors' efforts of getting the best girls for their booths were immense.  Great talents such as Julie Mai and Lori Lin and others were seen at various locations in the 2014 Extreme Autofest San Deigo edition.  Let's see more of them in their great appearances!

Shanna Lowder Cover Feature Page is Up in Wheels and Heels Magazine Models Section!

Los Angeles, CA, by Py - we are so excited to have the models section restarted again!  We will steadily add all the cover and feature models back into the gorgeous section.

To start off this effort, we have our current print edition cover model, the gorgeous Shanna Lowder to grace the first addition to the page:

--> Models page

Definitely check it out and let us know what you like to add to each model's page there!

Check out the Awesome Cars in 2014 Spocom Super Show Anaheim and 2nd Annual Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day

Los Angeles, CA, by W&HM - Just in case you missed the car cover in the last couple of weeks, we have posted articles about the awesome cars in both 2014 Spocom Super Show Anaheim and 2nd Annual Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day Anaheim!

As our new tradition of covering car section of car shows, we don't do the blanket spray bullet style of all car shots.  Instead, we will focus on the cars that jump to our attentions, mostly on the great visual works both exterior and interior.  It's also a form of our awarding recognition of the sweat and grease and dollar bills dedicated to the art of great car ups and mods!  Keep up the good works guys!!

2014 Spocom Super Show Awesome Cars

Here are some highlights of the Spocom Super Show recognized beauties:

You can find the complete coverage in here (int link).

2nd Annual Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day

Here are some highlight photos of the Auto Enthusiast Day Anaheim Angel Stadium

And the full coverage can be found here (int link).
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