Gorgeous Models at 2014 #Spocom Super Show Anaheim @elizabethtran626 @_nevermore666 @xoxo_kairidreme

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM -  2014 Spocom is going to Hawaii this weekend (2014.0823).  We want to remind anyone going to Hawaii to check it out as you will meet lots of wonderful and beautiful models at the highly famed show!  If you are not going, then here are several parts coverage of the awesome show in Anaheim this year.

We have our cover model Elizabeth Tran, Erica as well as Joleen, and Kairi Dreme starting here.  They totally give us a glance of what an awesome show that Spocom can put up!

 Elizabeth Tran

Our print cover model, has a magnificent banner stand.  It's magnificent because Elizabeth is an awesome model and our photographer, Py, is an amazing professional, together the super cool vintage Skyline by Roy Shakosuka!

Before we worked with Elizabeth, we did not know very much about this bright model.  After working with Spocom to set up a cover shoot with Elizabeth and Janis True, we were totally impressed by the wonderful talents that she has and how beautiful she is!  The photos from the shoot are so lively that they feel like she is right in front of  you!  That's what we called awesome talents!!  Definitely catch her at the Spocom Hawaii if you can!!  And make sure to elbow your way in because there will be a huge crowd around her too!

 Erica Joleen

We were pretty sure that we did not meet Erica until this Spocom show.  And we were very impressed when we saw her.  Erica has that amazing beauty through out inside and outside.  She has that majestic confidence in her presence, yet with a soft and mysterious aura around her.   This makes her a highly sought after model at the Spocom show as well as in other photoshoot opportunities!  We totally look forward to seeing her more in the near future!


Kairi Dreme

Kairi is another model that we did not meet until this Spocom show.  (We have to say that Spocom team has the best of the best showings of these amazing models!)  The first thing that strikes you when you see Kairi could be her mesmerizing eyes, or her beautifully decorated inks, or her awesome physique, or above all, her friendly personality and inviting smiles.  We can definitely say that Kairi has that total package of being a great import model!  Therefore, we were very happily obligated to take more photos of  her for our readers to introduce this awesome model in this awesome event!

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