2014 #ExtremeAutofest San Diego @joolemai @lori.lin

 San Diego, CA, by W&HM - Vendors' efforts of getting the best girls for their booths were immense.  Great talents such as Julie Mai and Lori Lin and others were seen at various locations in the 2014 Extreme Autofest San Deigo edition.  Let's see more of them in their great appearances!

Julie Mai 

Julie is always a show event darling because she is sweet, gorgeous, bright, proactive, smart, and super engaging!  We don't know what it is, but everytime we met her, we just wanted to stay around the spot where she was.  We think it's her natural magnetism of her promotional genius.  Totally awesome!

Lori Lin

Lori for R1-Concept, Stopping the World, has that subtlety that simply attract people to come to her.  Her beautiful smile and piercing eye contact would just make you instantly stop and look back at her, being totally mesmerized.  That is super awesome!

Abigail Falcon

Abigail is a super talented and wonderfully pleasant model for Car Audio Excellence!  When we asked for a few photos, she gave us quite a few photos for sure and they are wonderful!  We hope that we will see her again in the future!

Angelina Beniquez 

Angelina is a wholesome and fun model to work with here.  She has that a slight shyness in her which makes it even more enticing.  She also reminded us the beautiful actress Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls the TV show.  Very awesome!

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