Tri-Beauties at #2Crave Booth in 2014 #Spocom Anaheim @elizabeth_velasquez @Anacheri @vanessathomp

 Anaheim, CA, By W&HM - 2Crave Wheels always have some of the best models and booths in all the car shows that they attend.  Their prominent presence at car events big and small has earned them as one of the top vendors that we commend.  They are also the busiest booth at any car shows, as they have the best combination of grand booth design and space, gorgeous and friendly promotional models, and fun and rewarding giveaways to the attendees.  2Crave definitely have the winning combination for sure!!  Great job guys!!

 Ana Cheri

Ana is a huge model sensation who has amazing  highly followers, forming her immaculate fan base of her stardom.  She is simply photo-perfect and every photo of her is a frame-able awesome work!

 Elizabeth Velasquez

Elizabeth has time and time again proved to us that she is an amazing model. Early on at the booth of Spocom in other shows, she has demonstrated her great modeling talents and skills.  We did a Spocom special feature shoot with her, and we were simply impressed by how genius she is when it comes to wardrobe choices and posing talents.  Throughout the years, we witnessed this awesome model flourish in the car show industry as well as the promotional  and modeling career tracks too.  We definitely will see a lot of her in the future!

 Vanessa Thompson

Vanessa, as we mentioned before, is simply a fashion model in the car show industry, and making it work perfectly!  Her stunning look and gracious poise, has won many fans and breathed some fresh air to the crowded car modeling world.  She definitely has also expanded car show modeling into areas of aesthetic appreciation and more inclusion of diversity.  Awesome Vanessa and awesome 2Crave team!!

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