Amazing Vendor Models at 2014 #Spocom @Ashley2me and More

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - Besides the huge turn out of models at the model lounge, there were also plenty of wonderful talents hired by the vendors to help promote their good company images and increase their foot traffic volume.  We cannot emphasize enough how valuable these talents can be to the vendors at events.  At any given event, across all the booths and banners of products and companies, people usually find their interested items immediately because visually they are looking for those.  However, when a group of people crowding around a spot, people naturally gravitate to the center of attention to see what's going on, thus "promotion".  It's great for new company to quickly establish a name and for established company to gain leads.  The values of these promotional models become higher and higher in a crowded and noise market place.  It's definitely a marketing differentiator.

Ashley Twomey 

AT the K2 Motor, this blond hair blue eye beauty has caught our attention long time ago and definitely generate a lot of buzz in the 2014 Spocom Super Show Anaheim.  Ashley is a wonderful and beautiful and smart!  Not only she is very successful in the modeling business, she is also a high ranking manager in a beverage company too.  Talking about beauty and brain, Ashley has them all!

Also, Ashley is our 2014-2015 Calendar girl!!  She looks amazing!!

Brittani Paige

We are no stranger to Brittani.  Since her first show a couple of years ago, she has nothing but great adventure to the modeling. She's been working hard across the country and also toured to Asia as well.  Her bright personality and wonderful on camera chemistry have brought her unlimited opportunities and possibilities!

We did not catch this beauty's name, but she was definitely making the car looking awesome!

Raelynn Inez Barajas

Raelynn is doing awesome!  In several occasions, we saw her appearances for companies and vendors. She looked smashing!  This time, she is for Dayuum! The TJin Edition.  The little white dress beat out the other LBDs in an elegant and refreshing way.  We say very cool and keep up the good work Raelynn!

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