Great Models at 2014 #Spocom Anaheim #evaskye #ericalaw

 Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - Spocom Super Show Anaheim is a congregation of beautiful models and wonderful talents.  At vendor booths, you would see some of the big names that were hired to extend the company's reaches to a wider audience.  These models stand out in their own way, either by their sheer beauty together with their strong social followings.

Erica Law at R1 Concepts

At R1 Concepts, Erica Law was holding the tent for the company, who is already a well known brand in the car show industry.  Earlier the year, they held a car meet together with Kuya Model Expo team to have a great model + car event.  here Erica is looking smashing and totally got our attention!

Eva Skye for Extreme Autowerks

Eva is a hybrid model of fashion and promotional model as well as go-go artist.  That says a lot of this gorgeous model about her natural talents as well as artistic skills.  Eva is an internationally-busy model who frequently travels to Asia for various events and fashion shows.

She has been published in many publications and is an amazing and professional model that we have had a great fortune to work with and covered in the past years.  Her majestic look combined with her extensive talents, have earned our super high respect to this great model!

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