Sweet Models at #TeamHybrid and #LimitlessSociety in 2014 #Spocom Anaheim @teamhybrid_95 @limitlesssociety

 Anaheim, CA, by W&HM -  At the 2014 Spocom Super Show Anaheim, Team Hybrid carried their tradition of bringing their cool models to the super show.  Besides the very famous Lilly Evans, we also saw their other models as well as the first car show appearance model Nikka Marie Ticsay.  The team made a great presence with the best Display trophy and tons of other trophies, together with their models!

 Limitless Society always have the two great models, Amy Ames and Lily Sangg as their staple models.  Their shiny blond hair and bright smiles just lit up the entire booth!

Lilly Evans

Lilly Evans is an amazing model!  She is multi-talented and has diverse interests and talents.  Through out the years that we worked with her, she always maintains her really soft and warm personality, and always very approachable.  That is super awesome!  We always look forward to seeing her at car shows!

 Amy Ames

Amy is such a great spokesmodel for Limitless Society, she is almost the synonymy to the company now.  It's always fun to work with Amy.  She always has great ideas on how to play with the camera and creates that unique looks.  Amy is totally awesome!

 Lily Sangg

Lily joined the Limitless Society roughly the end of last year, and she is already a very popular model in the car show scene.  She has that brighter than the sun big smiles that melts everybody's heart.  She has a great personality and would make you feel like an instant best buddy when you just standing next to her.  Here she gladly showed us her own new banner.  Lily is a very cool girl!

 Team Hybrid Models

At the show, Team Hybrid has brought in many models that they have their own model lounge.  Lilly Evans is also one of the Team Hybrid models.    Together with their trophy winning cars, this set up a great photo op for the team!

 Nikka Marie Ticsay

One of the bright stars in the Team Hybrid models is Nikka Marie Ticsay.  This is the first time that Mikka Marie attended as a model in a car show.  She pulled it off really well, and gave us several very cool photos.  Definitely we see a star rising, if the star is inclined to rise.   We are very happy to see new talents coming up and breath in fresh air to the vast industry!  Keep up the good work Nikka Marie!

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