Jessica Weaver - Queen of 2014 StanceNation & Showoff @jessicakes33

 Los Angeles, CA, by Py - This year's StanceNation & Showoff show at Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, has a huge difference than the last year.  This year, Jessica Weaver was at the show for LT Motorwerks!

Last year, you would not be able to find any model at the show, which was fine with us.  We know that it's a car show and many hard core car lovers would not mind model-no-show.  However, this year, the cool LT Motorwerks brought in Jessica and the whole dynamics was changed.  It's more fun and the mood was lighter too.  Make no mistakes, the cars there were in impeccable shapes, and lots, lots of awesome cars and mods in display.  But, we Jessica on site, the car show became a really great car show!
We did not mentioned that it was hot!!!  It was so hot that we had to change the colors of the photo to reflect the hotness that we felt...
Lilly Evans was also at the show!  Yay!!  She was a bit under the weather and it's sad that she could not stay long, due to other obligations.  She is one of the coolest and hardest working models that we know!
Continental had also a model / personality at the show!  That completes our day!!  Super cool!

We had so much time that we took many + many photos of Jessica Weaver at the LT Motorwerks spot.  Jessica is simply a gorgeous, friendly, professional, and down to earth person, who is the embodiment of a great car model!  We totally love her and will have another cover issue with her!  We simply cannot wait!!

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