Hello Morning Star, Wendy Lopez and Pauline Angeli at 2014 #Spocom Super Show Anaheim

 Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - There were many great models at the Spocom Super Show Anaheim this year.  We have introduced many of them, and there are still a lot more to include.  Here we have Morning Star, Wendy Lopez, and Pauline Angeli showing just how cute and gorgeous they are!

Also, don't forget tomorrow (Saturday) is the Spocom Hawaii show!!  If you are there, don't miss it!

Morning Star

We haven't met Morning Star before. At the Spocom show, she showed up with such a powerful personality and star power.  She won the second place at the Spocom Bikini Contest in Anaheim.  And her bright personality and awesome personal charm totally wowed the people and photographers there.  She ensured a non stop flood of flash and clicks just by standing there.  Morning Star is totally awesome!

Wendy Lopez

When we saw this petite Latina beauty, we immediately thought about today's pop sensation Arianna Grande for some reason.  Both of them have the singing eyes that can keep you captivated.  Both also have that glamour aura around themselves that people just cannot stop taking pictures of them!

Pauline Angeli

Pauline's smile can light up the whole room.  She has that soft and tranquil atmosphere with her, and we would not want to disturb that.  Then as the flash warmed up, she opened up as well, and gave us a peek at her fun and optimistic personality...

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