Like Never Ending Model Coverage of 2014 #Spocom Anaheim

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - One of the main attractions of Spocom show is the plethora of model appearances.  If you arrive early, you get a glimpse of the cool models at their not-yet-exhausted state.  Also you don't get elbowed out of the way, or a hand blocking your lens' 1/3 view.  Then the later the time goes, the more models showed up, either they just got off their work, or recover from last night's heavy duty go-go dancing.  Then the whole scene got really crowded and camera flashes were working nonstop at the models.  For those named models with huge fan bases, it almost impossible to have a decent conversation anymore, and the constant stream of people just swirled around them, and never left.  We can see a very healthy nation of promotional modeling, as well as media amateurs and hobbyists and professionals at work.  We totally applaud the great work of the organizer Spocom team, to put up the amazing shows year after year and keep the industry in a clean and uplifting spirit!  Bravo, bravo!!

Sally Miakior

Serena Su

Tina!!!  Tian Cha

Janey Bolina for Nitto Tires

Victoria Bajaras

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