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Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - As the conclusion of the 2014 Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day in Anaheim Angel Stadium parking lot, there are so many models that we haven't covered yet!  And to our delight, we discovered quite a few more awesome models along the coverage.  It's definitely a great show to attend, for the cars, for the models, for the freebies, and for the celebrity actions!

We are definitely looking forward to the next year's event again and hopefully the weather would be as southern California postcard like for a change.  In conclusion, we say this again that Nitto has done a tremendously great job in putting this event together, and gathered so many awesome activities and people for the enthusiasts and fans to have an all around great day!

2014 Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day Continues with Our Cover Models! @jessicakes33 @lillyevans__ @misslynaly

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - At the 2nd Annual Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day, our cover models and features are abundant at the show!  And of course we were super excited to see them again!!

Leading off the hard working cover models, Jessica Weaver was at the SP Engineering ( booth.  This booth is filled with the most models at the show, and our Jessica is definitely the top model there!!  Therefore, we could not stop our camera shutters and kept on shooting!
Lilly Evans were really busy with all her fans, and we got a chance to take a quick shot of this wonderful and beautiful model!!
Lyna Ly Sparks, our gorgeous cover model, and one of the most hard working models in the industry.  She's at the MOTIV Luxury Wheels booth, looking super awesome and amazing!!

Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 20 - Cover Model Shanna Lowder

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 20 - Shanna Lowder
Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 20 - great collections
of SoCal car shows and gorgeous top model photos -
cover model Shanna Lowder, featuring Thao N, Krstina Hong,
Jasmine Adele, event coverage including 2014 Spocom Anaheim,
2014 Wekfest LA, 2014 Nurotag
Update: The golden Lamborghini belongs to Ryan G at 47 Automotive (ext link) San Diego, instead of Joe. All the print and digital and web publishing has been updated with the information. 

Los Angeles, CA, by Py Pai - We are very excited to announce the availability of our print issue 20!  In this issue, you will find...

- You don't need to register / log in to buy a print copy anymore!  Yay!

- Cover model, Shanna Lowder! Super gorgeous and hot top model!!
- Featuring Krstina Hong, the 2014 Miss Spocom Anaheim Bikini Contest Winner!!
- Super sensual and beautiful Thao N
- Multi-talented Jasmine Adele
- Plus coverage of great events of this year's Spocom Anaheim, Wekfest LA, and first timer westcoast Nurotag car show!

See the previews of the magazine by clicking the above MagCloud button!!

The Awesome Nitto Models at Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day 2014 Anaheim @nataliekpaladin @thesandrawong

 Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - A Great car show event hosted by a great tire company, must have great promotional models for their great presence.  Looking at the line up of the models inside the Nitto booth, we sure were very excited to see many stars in there.  Starting off their umbrella girls, Gina Darling, Natalie Paladin, as well as our super awesome cover model Sandra Wong, plus Lynthy and more.  This is one pit space that has nonstop flow of people, vying for a glimpse of the models, free posters, cool swags, as well as witnessing the powerful drift cars, and getting the trophy winning driver's autographs.

Nitto Tires's 2nd Annual Auto Enthusiast Day is a great success with lots of cars and vendors and models and activities.  It has something for everyone to enjoy during a muggy Saturday afternoon.  The highly selected promotional models reflected the top quality of the work that Nitto produces.  Coupling with the experience that we have witnessed in SEMA every year, where their models stood out the sea of promotional models, with an evening gown style wardrobe, we are very much convinced that they have high aesthetic and awesome styles!!  We love it!

Cool Model Highlights of 2014 Nitto Tires Auto Enthusiast Day at Anaheim Angel Stadium

 Anaheim, CA, by Py - This is the second annual of Nitto Tires Auto Enthusiast Day event.  The first one last year was a very "memorable" one, thanks to the uncharacteristic storm in southern California that caused much flash floods at the venue.  Nonetheless, our sage photographer had it covered in the article (int link.)  Many great photos from the first event, and it signifies a great opening of a very cool series.

This year, the mother natural was kinder, only giving us a very cloudy and relentless steaming heat, but thankfully, it did not rain, so it's all good to go.  With the famous Angel Stadium as the venue, and the admission was FREE, the cars, vendors and crowd showed up in drove.  Instantaneously, the event had that mega event potential showing.  There were multiple activities, including having the Nitto Tires trophy winner drift racer, Vaughn Gittin Jr, doing drifting demo.  How cool is that!!  Plus they had continuous drawings and giveaways, filling the air with a very festive energy.  However, the most impressive thing was the showing of cars and vendors.  For the size of the event, the vendor density was high, and that made the whole event a much more "about cars and car fans" than usual.  And the cars in the venue were across a wide spectrum of models and makes, from luxury Lamborghni / Ferrari, to import modified, to Ford Focus SoCal club, as well as heavy duty European rallycross and off-road "seasoned" classic trucks.  This is truly an auto enthusiast day for many people!!

On the promotional side, we were pleasantly surprised by the appearances of several top models and vendor models.  At the top, we have Sandra Wong leading the board.  This is not a coincidence.  Why?  Let's count how awesome Sandra is...
- She was actually on her brief lunch break but she still made sure to give us time to capture great images of her.  This by itself is simply amazing!  We don't encourage models to sacrifice their precious breaks for mere photo ops from any body.  However, we highly appreciated Sandra's smart and quick decision for the opportunity for us.  If this is not above and beyond, we don't know what is.  Sandra is the model of models!!
- She is also a model of Nitto Tires, the hosting company that made this cool event happening!  We definitely want to highlight this great model of the great company of this great event!
- Sandra is such a caring model.  Every time we talk to her, it's like with a great friend catching up many things, not the usual "how are you; oh, that's great; have fun!"  She has that very unique ability to relate to people and people relate to her.  She definitely gets an A+ for her awesomeness!!!
In the meantime, at the other side of the Nitto Tires booth, we also met up the cool models of Gina Darling and Natalie Paladin like the last time at the Formula Drift Long Beach.  This time we also saw Lynthy and her friend at the booth busy giving out freebies and photo ops.

 Then we saw Jessica Weaver, our totally amazing cover model of ours.  Jessica is such a wonderful person and amazing model that we are so happy to see her modeling career skyrocketing to the super stardom!!  during the brief chat with her, we learned that she is so busy but still maintains a great balance of work and life.  Jessica is one of the most high minded models that we know!  Definitely catch her at the SEMA this year in Las Vegas too!!  But we are sure that we will see her way earlier than that and we definitely look forward to!
 It's totally our luck to see Lilly Evans at the show, and wearing the new catwoman suit!  Super cute!  We were super happy to see Lyna Ly Sparks too at the show.  It's like a wonderful reunion of our cover models!!  She is doing amazingly as we see more and more of her across various venues and exposures!  We say super cool!!

2014 2nd Annual Nitto Tires Auto Enthusiast Day Anaheim - Car Coverage Articles

We have more than 200+ photos of some really eye catching cars at the Nitto Tires Auto Enthusiast Day.  There are multiple articles separated by their countries of brands, American, Japanese, and European.  Definitely worth checking them out if you are a great car lover!

For full coverage of cars in 2014 2nd Annual Nitto Tires Auto Enthusiast Day Anaheim, please follow the link:

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