2014 #E3 is Full of Fun, from SS, to S, to M, to L, to XL, to XXXXXXL!! (Day 2) by Clinton Lum @calibre68

 Los Angeles, CA, Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM Staff - You cannot take gaming seriously unless you unfortunately are deep in the non-gaming portion of this billion dollars industry.  Since there are no bounds of imagination, the results are a warped reality,.  Objects in show appeared closer and larger, sometimes even larger than the peripheral field of one's vision.  Things are smaller, much smaller than Thomas Train and his friends' size.

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is always a showcase of ingenuity at the corporate scale.  When you have talents, money, competition on a tight platform together,you get see the once-a-year extravaganza of unreal reality of game characters appearing in front of you, lucid dreams of game objects taking actions, or thematic fairies that are not part of the game, but are part of the game display.  It's a sensory attack, full immersion, with memory imprints.  We are in total recall of the gaming world now.

The Amazing Amber Alexis Alvarez at the 2014 KKT #OctaneFestival @danngamber

Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - Amber Alexis Alvarez is an amazing model.  She is a theater of her own.  The range of her talents goes far in many styles and to the extreme.  In all our coverage through out the years, seeing models come and go and stay, Amber is one very unique model who we always place in a special place.  Her modeling is like the cosmic state just a second right after the big bang, full of great energy, firing at all directions, expanding at the hyper speed...  In no time, we may see a super star forming and all the energy is channeled to create greatness and huge impacts of her career, as well as to the industry.

True to the experience, whenever you point your camera to Amber, you will be impressed, either by her ultra fun and playful animations, or by her statuesque fashion model looks.  She has a pair of incredibly beautiful eyes, and they bring you to a tranquil scenic lake or to a torrent Caribbean sea...  She has a pair 

Gabby Jeanne, The Super Model at 2014 KKT Octane Festival, Tons of Photos @_gabbyjeanne_xo

Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - Gabby Jeanne is a super model.  She posses many traits that many models would die for, but they all come naturally to her.  If there is a American Next Top Model for import models, Gabby would be the top of the class.

Why we have so much praises for Gabby?  Is it because Gabby is a natural beauty that is an instant magnet for attractions?  Is it because Gabby has an awesome physique, with gorgeous hair, long legs, and slim and very toned body?  Is it because Gabby knows how to pose with her genius of mood projection, intricate modeling skills, and super engaging eye contacts?  Is it because Gabby has that bright personality and strong self confidence, and just attract people immensely?  Is it because Gabby has a tranquil and intelligent mind inside her that just exuberates peace and harmony?  Or is it because Gabby has garnered many top billing titles and magazine covers? Or is it because every time Gabby showed up, there have been nonstop crowds around her even before she started officially modeling?  We think the answers are "All of the above."

This young and amazing model and friend has never ceased to amaze us since the day one in the car show scene.  Now we are seeing the Gabby Jeanne v2.0 and are very excited about the even greater stardom that is awaiting her to grab!

(A mini fun shoot with Gabby Jeanne and this gorgeous car from Archie at ACE Alloy Wheel)

At the 2014 KKT Octane Festival, we got a rare opportunity to spend much more time with this amazing super model.  And the results are a semi documentary of how great Gabby is, seeing through the lens of our camera.  It's simply awesome and pure joy!  You will discover how she can engage you in less than a second with her speaking eyes and bright smiles, and how the subtle arm and finger placements she can naturally put to make the photos look awesome, and how she can construct a pose that fill the picture frame so effortlessly, creating beautiful compositions, even for negative space... 

Sandra Wong and Lyna Ly At the 2014 KKT Octane Festival Many Photos! @officialsandrawong @misslynaly

  Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - At the 2014 Krispy Kreme Tuesday KKT car show, Octane Festival, we had a great time at the show and were so happy to see our cover models, Sandra Wong and Lyna Ly!

Sandra Wong is such a sweet and warm and intelligent and friendly person.  You would instantly bond with this beautiful model.  During this event, Sandra debuted her brand new T shirts.  Definitely check out her instagram photo of this awesome new venture!  http://instagram.com/p/pQNfSFKchr/

Many Stars and Models at 2014 #KKT #OctaneFestival Irwindale CA @_gabbyjeanne_xo @officialsandrawong @misslynaly

 Irwindale, CA, by Py - Krispy Kreme Tuesday, or KKT, is synonymous to a mega car meet representing gigantic crowd of rides, many many car fans, friends, and their families.  Thanks to the May 2012 TV-breaking-news-worthy KKT meet, it has since become the posterchild of the huge car event that people came to expect every time now.

This time, KKT put together a more formal event, "Octane Festival", located in the best location (for us), Irwindale Speedway parking lot, with full permits and security controls, plus ample parking, plus cool trophies, plus many big and awesome models, plus DJ spinning the loud music filling the air, plus various kinds of lifestyle activities planned.  All the great elements of a big car show were considered and mostly included.  It was a perfect preparation for the big event coming.

And then, at the same day, there was another event at 30 miles away location which also has consistently done big attractions to similar crowds of import and modified cars.  It was a gut wrenching decision on which one to go.  Our hearts split, and we were sure the crowd were too.  On top of it, the organization had a small but detrimental overlook when they announced their hours and agenda.  Many general admission people showed up early to avoid long lines, but were turned away or temporarily parked on the side, and were told to come back in a couple of hours to enter.  The event had a bit rough start.

However, risks mean opportunities; for the media people, especially for those who take coverage of cars and models together like us, we were greatly benefited in this peculiar show condition, and we highly appreciate this opportunity and owed it to the KKT organizer and Michelle Yee's modeling group.  We could not be more happy that we could take a great long time to work with our cover models, Gabby Jeanne, Sandra Wong, and Lyna Ly across many cars.  Then we could really spend lots of quality time with each of the models to know them more and bring back tons of awesome photos without many people crowding on the side or in the back ground.  This was heaven for us!!   Thank you KKT!!

Since we spent so much time with the cars and models, let's show you what we got for you, in this highlight article here!  Click the link below to see the full model coverage highlight with more than 35 beautiful photos!
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