2014 #WEKFEST is Filled With Models and Super Models! @TheeAmyFay @OHitsChristy

 Long Beach, CA, by W&HM - We've seen Amy Fay growing up in front of our lenses from an upstarting model to worldly mega star supermodel status now.  She may have transformed her modeling in many ways, but one thing we noticed that she never changed is her expressive interpersonal camera charisma.

We just discovered Christy Truong at the WEKFEST LA show this year.  She was the first model to show up even before the general public could get in to the show.  She gave the press people some unique opportunities to shoot with her without an overcrowding audience in front of her later on.

The Prestige Marketing and It's jdm yo! team brought the two awesome models as well as many more (to be covered in more articles) demonstrated their elite quality of the models that they represent and the power of media and crowd draws at the 2014 WEKFEST LA in Long Beach, CA.
Amy Fay, the international super star, was one of the main attractions at the model lounge in 2014 WEKFEST LA.  It's obvious that she is gorgeous, she is sultry, she is sensual, she is simply wow.  However, you have be there to meet Amy to truly experience the full brunt of her fun and creative personality.  She could give you mesmerizing looks that you would immediately feel smitten, or she could joke with you and give you meme-ready pictures that just waiting for you to make them viral.  That's the super star modeling that we talk about!  It's always a great pleasure to see Amy Fay in person and sooo much fun taking photos with her!

Christy Truong, a petite and super cute model was an early bird at the event.  At the press hour, an hour before the general public, she's already there, with her beautiful pictures laid out on the table, and ready for any cameras pointing to her direction. That's what we call super professionalism!  Through out the show, Christy was busy with the cameras, people showing their admiration to her, as well as her fellow models that kept her busy most of the time.  We shall see more of her in the future as well, we sure hope!

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