So Many Awesome Photos of Noemii J, Regina Francia, and Elizabeth Tran at 2014 Wekfest LA @noemii_j @reginafrancia @elizabethtran

Long Beach, CA, by W&HM - We did not get a chance to complete the awesome coverage of the 2014 Wekfest LA, especially with the gorgeous models at the Prestige Marketing and It's JDM Yo model lounge.  Here is a perfect conclusion of that beautiful day's event in the breezy Long Beach Queen Mary Park.

Besides the other heavy hitters like Amy Fay, Constance Nunes, and other amazing models, we have the top models, Noemii J, Regina Francia and Elizabeth Tran here to help us close this great chapter.

Noemii J has that natural tropical and refined look that totally captures people's attention at the first look.  She has been busy in the import modeling and car show scenes for some time, and we hardly had a chance to really capture this beauty yet, until this year's Bimmerfest and now Wekfest.  Noemii J may not be like other models that has perky personality; however, her deep in the thought and alluring eyes would totally win the crowd effortlessly.

Regina Francia is very active in the modeling scene since a last year, as far as we have covered.  She has a perfect import model style that goes very well with her business and her career in modeling.  Through more time and shows, we can see this cool model would fulfill her great potential and reach her stardom!  We sure will be there to witness that and bring you back the first hand coverage!

Elizabeth Tran is a super model on our book.  We did a photo shoot with her (and Janis True) for the upcoming Spocom Special Edition.  She totally knocked the ball out of the park even within a very short shooting time.  The level of her modeling is way above most of the models in the industry, and her affinity to people is even more attractive.  She would carry her talents to the super startdom in no time we can tell!

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