Many Photos of Many More Cool Models at 2014 #Extremeautofest Anaheim!

 Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - At the 2014 Extreme Autofest model lounge, there were many awesome models, some we've known for many years, and some for the very first time.  Both were very welcome and always great to see cool talents.  Even though we did not a whole lot of time to spend at the lounge, because the show was sooo big and there were sooo many people that we need to cover, still we made several great snaps of these great models, besides the ones that we already covered in previous articles.  They are so fun, beautiful, active, and pleasant to meet!

It's always great to see Audrey Elizabeth, the leggy and fun model!  This time, she was wearing a lacy minidress that totally accentuated her beautiful slim curves and super toned legs.  Her forever awesome over-the-shoulder smile is an iconic signature look that never fails to impress us and everybody else.

 Jenna Lane was busy with many of her fans at the model lounge with her Minnie outfit.  Very cute!

We are not quite sure what Disney character Maria Sosa was playing, but she sure looked super sexy and cute!  For some strange reason, it made us think abot chili mango, spicy and sweet!

 Marie Madore is an awesome model.  Her beautiful face has that mysterious aura around her, and her fun personality totally made us wanted to take more and more pictures of her.  Even though we never met Marie before, we could tell that she is doing amazingly already and will totally rock the world with her great talents and awesome personality!

  We only got the name Asia, so we are not sure how to learn more about her.  Any search of Asia would give us a bunch of colorful map or the financial market condition of the other side of the world.  Any how, Asia is a very cool model with her unconventional make up and very cool inks on her skin.  We can tell that she is one of a kind of models that you will find infinite possibilities to create amazing work with!

  We really did not get her name this time... Our failure...

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