Big Presence of Stance Wheels Models at 2014 @Nurotag LA Edition @Xenakai @BrittBrixx

Pomona, CA, by W&HM - At the 2014 Nurotag LA Edition car show, Stance Wheels carried their tradition on the promotional model standards by hiring the great talents like Xena Kai and Brittany Brickner as well as Trixie Gogo.  They had the biggest model presence at the show hands down!
Here we got a chance to capture two of the three talents here with lots of pictures!

Xena Kai has been one of our most covered models in the history of our magazine.  She is very well established in the industry and is a highly sought after model among vendors.  Because there were not as many people as other shows, we had a great time talking with Xena this time.  She mentioned that she will be attending SEMA this year again.  That's awesome because we will have great coverage of her again at SEMA.  We still remember the last time that she gave us an exclusive time to do a mini shoot with her vendor there.  It was awesome!

Brittany Brickner is such a happy and bright model.  She is always full of optimism and upbeat spirit.  Her modeling career is booming even more with her crowning title of KROQ Double D-cember Beauty Pageant last year.  We are really happy to see this great talent with high-pursuing passion for modeling flourishing in the in scene.  And sure look forward to seeing her more in the future!

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