Many Stars and Models at 2014 #KKT #OctaneFestival Irwindale CA @_gabbyjeanne_xo @officialsandrawong @misslynaly

 Irwindale, CA, by Py - Krispy Kreme Tuesday, or KKT, is synonymous to a mega car meet representing gigantic crowd of rides, many many car fans, friends, and their families.  Thanks to the May 2012 TV-breaking-news-worthy KKT meet, it has since become the posterchild of the huge car event that people came to expect every time now.

This time, KKT put together a more formal event, "Octane Festival", located in the best location (for us), Irwindale Speedway parking lot, with full permits and security controls, plus ample parking, plus cool trophies, plus many big and awesome models, plus DJ spinning the loud music filling the air, plus various kinds of lifestyle activities planned.  All the great elements of a big car show were considered and mostly included.  It was a perfect preparation for the big event coming.

And then, at the same day, there was another event at 30 miles away location which also has consistently done big attractions to similar crowds of import and modified cars.  It was a gut wrenching decision on which one to go.  Our hearts split, and we were sure the crowd were too.  On top of it, the organization had a small but detrimental overlook when they announced their hours and agenda.  Many general admission people showed up early to avoid long lines, but were turned away or temporarily parked on the side, and were told to come back in a couple of hours to enter.  The event had a bit rough start.

However, risks mean opportunities; for the media people, especially for those who take coverage of cars and models together like us, we were greatly benefited in this peculiar show condition, and we highly appreciate this opportunity and owed it to the KKT organizer and Michelle Yee's modeling group.  We could not be more happy that we could take a great long time to work with our cover models, Gabby Jeanne, Sandra Wong, and Lyna Ly across many cars.  Then we could really spend lots of quality time with each of the models to know them more and bring back tons of awesome photos without many people crowding on the side or in the back ground.  This was heaven for us!!   Thank you KKT!!

Since we spent so much time with the cars and models, let's show you what we got for you, in this highlight article here!  Click the link below to see the full model coverage highlight with more than 35 beautiful photos!
Gabby Jeanne is a super model, which is by definition.  If there is a dictionary of modeling, the entry of super model should have Gabby there.  She has that natural beauty, born talents, and great affinity to people, and people's affinity to her.  Each time we see her, she is always so gorgeous and fun to shoot with!  Gabby will be attending the HIN show at Santa Clara as well as Spocom!  NorCal and SoCal people will have a great opportunity in meeting her in person!  Our advice?  Don't miss it!  You are meeting a super model!!

Sandra Wong never ceases to amaze us!!  Her brilliant appearance, her brilliant personality, and her brilliant mind all work together so well.  She brought in her photograph-imprinted T-shirts.  Check them out at her Instagram photo.  They are very cool!!  She always has great ideas to talk about each time we see her.  She is totally our super beloved CSDA, Contributing Strategic Direction Adviser!  Thank you Sandra!!

Lyna Ly is soooo gorgeous!! She is full of grace, kindness, and upbeat happiness.  We noticed more and more that there is a subtle but very well defined confidence and style in her modeling now.  She is becoming a super amazing model with great charisma and presence!  We highly commend her amazing progression and look forward to seeing her a lot more in future events!

Ryan Oso is such a busy person.  We only got a glimpse of her through a small time window but we were lucky to do a mini shoot with her among all types of awesome cars.  Needless to say, Ryan totally rocked the shoot and gave us many fantastic photos!

Amber Alvarez is a self-perpetual animation.  She will never give you a dull moment look. Her intuitive creativity has made her a very unique model among the crowded industry, which made her highly sought after as well.

We met Asia last time at the Extreme Autofest Anaheim this year.  She had a very dramatic make up but this time, she is appearing more with her true original self.  She looked very pure, refreshing and friendly at the event.  We were totally impressed by her!  We sure like to see her in future shows, many shows again!

Brittany Brickner for the Vertini Wheels here always has a great time at car shows and makes sure that everybody around her does as well.  Her big smiles are contagious and her engaging personality is simply magnetic!
Wenlin Yeh definitely has a strong bond with this beautiful S2K. Every picture of her with this fiercely cool red car turned out awesome!
 It's great to see Jasmyn Skye for JDM Sports again!  She is totally synonymous to the JDM Sports!  Kudos!!
Justine Marsing and Nicole Isham were the dynamic duo at the 2014 KKT Octane Festival.  They looked awesome, they gave us lots of time to do mini shoots, they danced to the music, they handed out flyers like hot pizzas, while having fun doing it too!  They were definitely two of the most fun and great promotional models at the show!  Many kudos to these two beauties!!

Justine Marsing has a very strong modeling talent and she totally nailed it every time we point our camera at her.  What an amazing model she is!

L'Amour Niggl, this very very leggy model was a darling of the show.  Wherever she showed up next to a car, you would see a swamp of photographers forming a semi-circle and taking non-stop photos of this very lovely model.  Even better was that she made sure that everybody around her got wonderful pictures too!  Great job!

Victorya Van Tran is a very lovely girl-next-door model that the next-next-door girl would envy. Her tranquil and calming temperament would make you feel peaceful inside while you are doing a shoot with her... Very therapeutic!

Mr Clean model and the very trophy loaded super cool widebody 300ZX!  Eye catching!
Rachel Depina and Christine Rommel at the model lounge gave us a big smile!

ACE Alloy Wheel model by their awesome wheel display!

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