Extra!! 2014 E3 Opening Day Cars Games and Girls Big Report is Here!! Same Day Report by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Los Angeles, CA, Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM - Extra! Extra!  2014 E3 opening day is here!  Our brilliant and sage contributing photographer Clinton Lum has brought back really cool photos of the inside and outside of E3!  There are tons of wheels, games, and heels!  From this cool preview of the gigantic E3 show, it is definitely a great year of E3 and gaming world!  We are very excited about this expo and will bring you more as the coverage unfold!

The first "wheels" that Clint spotted was a yellow Lamborghini's Huracan for the Forza Motorsport 5!  That immediately set an exiting and fast pace tone to the whole expo!

All the major vendors still brought their big guns to the show, and gave the attendees great first-person impacts of their visual and audio prowess of gaming.  From the entrance of the Los Angeles Convention Center,  you can feel the immensity of the scale, as if you were inside a game world and dazzled by the enticing game props, alluring game vixens, as well as life energy upgrades from the vendors' freebies, plus the chance to get an immediate gaming experience by the best set up from the source.  What else could it be better than this experience?

 Of course, the famous E3 booth babes, or we prefer to call them E3 models, were scattered across all the convention halls.  As we mentioned last year, there was a declination of themed costume models in the event.  However, we are happy to see more of them this year.  Regardless of how sophisticated or generically approached, we all love all the themed costume models, as they provide a great focal point to vendors' offerings, bring out the spirit of the games, and offered a chance for game fans to meet the the real life version of the characters and bring home a smiley photo with them.  They are totally awesome!

 The big news about Sony's Playstation Now is shown here!

This is the day 1 report, same day report by our sage contributor, Clinton Lum.  We will keep you updated on further report from this year's exciting E3 show!

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