The Amazing Amber Alexis Alvarez at the 2014 KKT #OctaneFestival @danngamber

Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - Amber Alexis Alvarez is an amazing model.  She is a theater of her own.  The range of her talents goes far in many styles and to the extreme.  In all our coverage through out the years, seeing models come and go and stay, Amber is one very unique model who we always place in a special place.  Her modeling is like the cosmic state just a second right after the big bang, full of great energy, firing at all directions, expanding at the hyper speed...  In no time, we may see a super star forming and all the energy is channeled to create greatness and huge impacts of her career, as well as to the industry.

True to the experience, whenever you point your camera to Amber, you will be impressed, either by her ultra fun and playful animations, or by her statuesque fashion model looks.  She has a pair of incredibly beautiful eyes, and they bring you to a tranquil scenic lake or to a torrent Caribbean sea...  She has a pair 
of long legs, and the beauty of it is that she totally knows how to show them to give us and all endless beautiful photos.  Going from the gorgeous exterior, to the deep in her personality, Amber has bottomless resources of creativity.  We are pretty sure that she thinks both vertically and horizontally.  She can be super fun in modeling in front of the camera, and she can also reach outside the box and act out totally surprising ideas that you would pause and say, Wow, that's genius!

On her multiple trips of her international go-go tours, she has earned a great deal of respect and acquaintances from abroad and experiences of diverse cultures.  That sure will add more outside box thinking to her buffet of genius ideas and boundless creativity.

We look forward greatly to seeing Amber flourish in the highest status of her modeling pursue.  We think that it is overdue already, as we totally believe in this amazing model's talents and potentials!  We definitely will bring that back to you all, and maybe can be called, "The Chronicle of Amazing Amber."

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