Three Sweet Asian Models at 2014 KKT #OctaneFestival with @victoryavantrannn, @misslynaly @wen_imalay

Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - The import modeling scene is always filled with awesome, sweet and fun Asian models.  At the 2014 KKT Octane Festival, it's no exception here.

The three sweet graces definitely demonstrated their own personalities and their cuteness to the crowd of the photographers and attendees.  

Victorya Van Tran has that overflowing sensuality of hers that won a sweeping crowd around her during her mini photo ops at the 2014 KKT Octane Festival.  This beautiful model is also a singer / death metal vocalist.  We can hardly imagine the two awesome roles would come from the one multi-talented personality!  She has appeared in numerous magazines, as well as performing acting in web series and others.  We can only see a fast rising future ahead of this sweet talent!

Together with Lyna Ly, the two Asian sirens would totally cast a spell on you when you view them on the screen.  BTW, you can see these photos in higher resolution when you click on them!

Wenlin Yeh is petite but not petite in her magnetism!  This Los Angeles native has that hotness within a very fine packed model presence.  She is passionate about life.  She is passionate about her friends and family.  And she is passionate about her car!!  That makes her a perfect wheels and heels angel!  We haven't seen her much in the past.  With her love of the cars and shows, we sure hope to see her a lot in the future of various shows!

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