2014 #E3 is Full of Fun, from SS, to S, to M, to L, to XL, to XXXXXXL!! (Day 2) by Clinton Lum @calibre68

 Los Angeles, CA, Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM Staff - You cannot take gaming seriously unless you unfortunately are deep in the non-gaming portion of this billion dollars industry.  Since there are no bounds of imagination, the results are a warped reality,.  Objects in show appeared closer and larger, sometimes even larger than the peripheral field of one's vision.  Things are smaller, much smaller than Thomas Train and his friends' size.

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is always a showcase of ingenuity at the corporate scale.  When you have talents, money, competition on a tight platform together,you get see the once-a-year extravaganza of unreal reality of game characters appearing in front of you, lucid dreams of game objects taking actions, or thematic fairies that are not part of the game, but are part of the game display.  It's a sensory attack, full immersion, with memory imprints.  We are in total recall of the gaming world now.

Vivien Nguyen under the pink furry hoody is sooo cute!

Nintendo's gaming display is always soooo fun and colorful!

Arley Elizabeth!  Our cover model!!
Arika Sato!  Always so awesome!

Eva Skye!!  Our feature model!  She is always sooo refreshing and so cool!

They are small in size, but their powers are more than we can handle!

Raichelle Viado!  She can be, and always be cuter than the games!

World of Tanks never miss a year with their signature WWII cool uniform models.

This is actually super large, like the conventional center's hallway roof large!!

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