2014 #WEKFEST is Filled With Models and Super Models! @TheeAmyFay @OHitsChristy

 Long Beach, CA, by W&HM - We've seen Amy Fay growing up in front of our lenses from an upstarting model to worldly mega star supermodel status now.  She may have transformed her modeling in many ways, but one thing we noticed that she never changed is her expressive interpersonal camera charisma.

We just discovered Christy Truong at the WEKFEST LA show this year.  She was the first model to show up even before the general public could get in to the show.  She gave the press people some unique opportunities to shoot with her without an overcrowding audience in front of her later on.

The Prestige Marketing and It's jdm yo! team brought the two awesome models as well as many more (to be covered in more articles) demonstrated their elite quality of the models that they represent and the power of media and crowd draws at the 2014 WEKFEST LA in Long Beach, CA.

GXS Girls Looking Sunny and Awesome at 2014 #ExtremeAutofest

 Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - The girls from the GXS Motorsports Marketing and Promotions are always hard at working.  We've seen them at major car shows as well as more local car races.  Pretty much you would probably encounter them a lot more than many other vendors across all car shows and motorsports events.  We give them high kudos for their consistent and abundant presences!

Here we have Jaia, Kelly Gebh, and Camille Le Fluer, (above) as well as Marcie Nordman, togther with Scott Cary's awesome BMW 135i with 1M front end conversion ride.  Their sunny personalities totally matched their bright orange uniforms.

We definitely look forward to seeing these young ladies in the many future events!

Many Photos of Many More Cool Models at 2014 #Extremeautofest Anaheim!

 Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - At the 2014 Extreme Autofest model lounge, there were many awesome models, some we've known for many years, and some for the very first time.  Both were very welcome and always great to see cool talents.  Even though we did not a whole lot of time to spend at the lounge, because the show was sooo big and there were sooo many people that we need to cover, still we made several great snaps of these great models, besides the ones that we already covered in previous articles.  They are so fun, beautiful, active, and pleasant to meet!

Extra!! 2014 E3 Opening Day Cars Games and Girls Big Report is Here!! Same Day Report by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Los Angeles, CA, Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM - Extra! Extra!  2014 E3 opening day is here!  Our brilliant and sage contributing photographer Clinton Lum has brought back really cool photos of the inside and outside of E3!  There are tons of wheels, games, and heels!  From this cool preview of the gigantic E3 show, it is definitely a great year of E3 and gaming world!  We are very excited about this expo and will bring you more as the coverage unfold!

Many More Magnificent Models at 2014 #ExtremeAutofest Anaheim @tiffanytvu @tmntvan

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - There were many promotional models at the 2014 Extreme Autofest, needless to say actually.  Well, we will let the pictures say about themselves, about these gorgeous models!

Many Totally Stunning Models Who We Worked With, Captured During 2014 #ExtremeAutofest Anaheim @elizabeth_velasquez @osomazing @danngamber @_christinahong @lillyevans__

"Through out our magazine and photography services history, we have been blessed with working with many of the industry's top models both well established and emerging talents who became big stars.  For this, we are eternally grateful to these amazing models and our friends, and hope that we have reciprocated for their benefits and growths.  And we look forward to continuing our support to these awesome and great talents and dear friends, as well as meeting and working with the new!

From time to time, we want to take a pause in your and our busy schedule and share our thoughts and appreciations." - Py / Editor-in-Chief

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - At the 2014 Extreme Autofest Anaheim, we were so happy to see so many great models and friends that we've worked with.  Besides the cover models that we covered in the last two articles, we also had a great time working each of the great models here!  Read the full article to know more about them!

More Our Lovely Cover Models at 2014 #ExtremeAutofest Anaheim @officialsandrawong @itssadiee @misslynaly

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - At the 2014 Extreme Autofest Anaheim, we were so happy to see many of our cover and feature models at the show.  Sandra Wong, Mercedes, and Lyna Ly all looked sooo lovely at the show!

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