Our Cover Models at 2014 #EAF Anaheim @_gabby_jeanne_xo @jessicakes33

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - We are so happy that several of our cover models were at the 2014 Extreme Autofest Anaheim.  It's always great to see them again and catch up to see what's happening lately.  

Gabby Jeanne has come back to the modeling scene after a year plus hiatus from the car show world. She is looking even more gorgeous, if possible at all, and more determined.  It's like the version 2 of Gabby!  Version 1 of Gabby has already taken the import modeling scene by storm.  She was on the cover of top industry magazines, and appeared in the majority of car events and shows.  Her name was synonymous to car show super model.  Now with more conviction of doing better, stronger, and smarter, Gabby is elevating her game into a higher state of modeling, to include business development and entrepreneurship too!  With such an amazing talent, plus extended network and resources, as well as razor sharp focus, we see an industry's top brand skyrocketing to the the super stardom in no time!!  Totally awesome!!


Exclusive Exciting Bikini Contest at 2014 Extreme Autofest Anaheim, by @calibre68 Clinton Lum #FriskyFriday

Anaheim, CA, Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM Staff - Thanks to our sage contributing photographer, Clinton Lum, who was at the front row of the front row, we have so many cool, crispy, close up, as well as unobstructed actions shots of the beauties!  This is truly exclusive!  Thank you Clinton!

Extreme Autofest is not about subtlety.  It's about big, loud, daring, and different!  This year they had a record breaking number of models on stage for Extreme Autofest Bikini Contest.  The total is about 34 or 35 so.  The sheer number is just big for any car show bikini contests!  Then the contestants were not following a set walk routine, like go there, stop, pose, move on, and smile... Noooo, they were all over the stage, in front of the judges, cheering the crowd, or flirting with the MC... Definitely they were loud for sure!  Then, they did not just stop there, many contestants went a step further, showing their best assets, strutting their de-wardrobe acts and getting the audience and judges super excited by any ways they could, or dare to do!  Lastly, but not the least by all means, the constants were totally different than other pageantry in the normal sense.  Some of them are adorned with different levels of inking, with different artistic designs, on different parts of their bodies...  All these just made the bikini contest even more exciting and crowd pleasing, and the crowd was very very pleased.  That was a great conclusion of the beauty side of the stage performance, and leading in for the live concert part... Great job Extreme Auofest team!

Stunning Top Promotional Models at @2Crave Booth in 2014 #ExtremeAutofest @jessicakes33 @elizabeth_Velasquez @vanessathomp

  Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - When we went to the 2Crave booth at 2014 Extreme Autofest, we received nothing but huge welcome and warm love by their gorgeous models, Jessica Weaver (our cover model), Elizabeth Velasquez (our feature model) and Vanessa Thompson!!  They looked sooo awesome in their 2Crave black mini dresses, classy, sexy, and super glam!  Even though the temperature was high, and the air was hot, but these stunning models were even more caliente!!

Here as usual, you can click on each photo to enjoy the high resolution photos. Especially if you view them on an iPad or other tablet devices, the photos in full screen would look like they are right in front of you, crispy and sharp and vivid!

Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition Issue 18 Available with Cover Model @CorissaFurr

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 18 - Corissa Furr
By Wheels and Heels Magazine in W&HM 
Vol 3,  48 pages, published 6/4/2014
Wheels and Heels Magazine Print
Issue 18, with cover model Corissa Furr, Featuring Models Victoria Elise and
Mecca Madison, Cover Car by
Tyler Hirashima 1999 S2K, Event
Coverage of 2014 Formula Drift
Long Beach Drifting and Cars, 2014
DUB LA Models, Model/Car Casting
Call, and More...
Los Angeles, CA, by Py - Our Issue 18 has a dramatic new cover style.  We are inspired by several magazine designs, movie posters, well as creativity spikes ignited by our internal constraints.

On our cover, the industry's top model, Corissa Furr, demonstrated her flawless grace and high aesthetics of art and fashion.  Accompanying Corissa on the cover is Tyler Hirashima's 1999 S2K in mint running condition.  Inside the issue, you will find gorgeous and playful model Victoria Elise as well as sensual Las Vegas performer Mecca Madison.  We also are very happy to have our cover model Phoenix Stanna interviewing the Owner of Affect Talent Management company.  On the coverage side, the 2014 Formula Drift Long Beach season opener by our sage contributing photographer Clint Lum and 2014 DUB LA show awesome models.

This is definitely an interesting issue and we will keep pushing the boundaries in all directions.  After all, change is the norm in the age of internet, isn't it?

Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment here.

Huge Highlight Coverage of 2014 #ExtremeAutofest #EAF Anaheim - So Many Amazing Models

Anaheim, CA, by Py - Extreme Autofest has established themselves as one of the most formidable forces in the industry and has grown to be one of the must-go events in Southern California.  Every year, they put up great shows, giving many car lovers, fun-seeking families, promo models and upcoming models, as well as everybody else at the show a wonderful opportunities for a fun time with multiple tracks of activities and promotions.  It's like a community building, and a culture cultivating thing.  We highly commend the team made this happened!

Here, 2014 Extreme Autofest Anaheim is such a great example.  With the high sun on top of the iconic gigantic "A" sign, a vast portion of the Angel Stadium parking lot was filled with flashy show cars, welcoming vendors, promo models of all types and shapes, loud music and performances from the stage, smokes coming from both the food stands and the drifting arena.  If you look around, you would feel that there is fun in the air, and tons of attractions feasting your eyes; you cannot but feel the air of happiness and upbeat euphoria.

This year's costume theme for Extreme Autofest models is Disney Characters.  Many took the thematic inspirations literally and some doing interpretive personification.  You would see Minnie, Pocahontas, some Disney princesses with just bra-tops at the top.  That's why we love Extreme Autofest so much!  They provided a guideline and let the creative juices flow everywhere.  Otherwise, it would be just the same outfits on models with only differences in color or size.

Another activity closely related to the models is the bikini contest.  As this show's tradition, the contest was full of all types of real life beauties.  One very noticeable common trait is the level of inks imprinted on the contestants.  If the skin art is a form of free speech, which it is, this platform is full of essays, poetry, as well as shout outs and twitter size mottoes.  You can also sense the type of the personality each model has for what they have added their words to their bodies.  This triggered us to think about perhaps a special edition dedicated to the beautiful skin art models in the future.

At the end of the show, which is the end of the day for us, it was a great memory to carry home, with lots of awesome photos of many great models.  We were so happy to see so many familiar models and faces including our peers, and experienced a great positive side of the industry that we always appreciate.  We for sure look forward to Extreme Autofest down south in a month or so.  Until then, stay here and stay tuned for a lot more gorgeous photos for you coming right up.

Definitely read the full article to see all the great models that we managed to capture in our short 6 hours coverage time!

Cool Highlights of 2014 #Wekfest LA at Long Beach - Awesome Models

 Long Beach, CA, by Py - Wefkfest events are reknown for their loyal fans and their die-hard car enthusiast community.  This is no exception in this year's Wekfest LA event at the soft and relaxing grassy field of Queen Mary Event Park in Long Beach, CA.  There were so many people showed up that the parking lot was filled in no time, and people had to find alternative parking nearby in order to get in.  And the line was so long that it felt like the time the first iPhone was released.  When we checked at mid-time-point, there was still a long long line waiting to get in, while tons of people were inside the venue already.  On top of that, even though there were breezes from the Pacific Ocean, the relentless sun easily made a strong impression on many people in the line, or more precisely a strong sunburn to take home with later on...

Inside Wekfest LA, you would find rows of highly crafted cars with all types of mods and styles.  People spent years building their cars, continuously changing their parts, and updating their looks.  If you looked under the hoods, many exotic components in meticulously cleaned condition definitely exhibited the owner's passionate dedication, money invested/burned, and day-in / day-out / all-weekenders time spent on their true loves.  We especially paid attention to some of really remarkable cars that caught our eyes.  We will have separate reports of these amazing cars in our Cars + Msports section soon.

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