Elegant LBDs @2Crave @heavyhitterwheels at 2014 #Autocon LA by @Anacheri @Elizabeth_Velasquez and #VenassaThompson

Pomona, CA, by W&HM - 2Crave is always one of the best vendor booths at any car shows that they go to.  Their wheels and the cars that go with them are big, immaculate and very impressive!  Now they are showing their great line called "Heavy Hitter" that are for the car owners who know great show car lifestyle and love the dominant presence.  When you look at their cars insides the booth, you would be in awe to their majestic views and the big wheel showmanship!


The Great Event of Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance #GreystoneConcours is Tomorrow (Sunday 5/4/2014)

(Photo provided by City of Beverly Hills)

Beverly Hills, CA, Photos provided by City of Beverly Hills, Text by W&HM Staff - This Sunday is the major event "Gresstone Mansion Concours d'Elegance" at the legendary Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills, CA.  This is their 5th years of the event, and centennial (100 years) of city of Beverly Hills.  This is definitely not your typical car show or vintage car event.  This is a rich-culture community of great cars, car culture, car experts, literature authors, as well as fashion and gourmet foods.  Here is more information from their press release:
(Photo provided by City of Beverly Hills)

The official press release:

"Enjoy Classic Cars, Five-Star Cuisine, Libations and More at Concours d’Elegance

Tickets Going Fast for Exclusive Beverly Hills event at Greystone Mansion this Sunday 

Greystone Mansion is one of a few nationally registered historic landmarks in Southern California and on Sunday, May 4, the entire estate will be open to visitors for the 5 hosted from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets and exclusive hotel packages can be purchased online at  www.greystoneconcours.org. 

Featured as the backdrop in dozens of motion picture and television productions, including X-Men, Spider-Man 3, The Big Lebowski, Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise, and There Will Be Blood, concours guests will eceive a behind-the-scenes look at rarely seen rooms of Greystone Mansion, including the speakeasy, billiard, d bowling alley. 

“Concours d’Elegance is a remarkable opportunity for history buffs, cinema fans, and people interested in Los Angeles pop culture to get a limited glimpse of the mansion in all its splendor and glory,” says Cindy Brynan, director of the Greystone Concours. “Our concours not only provides an unparalleled experience for automobile and motorcycle aficionados, but also for folks who might not realize how special it is to be able to explore Greystone Mansion.” 

World-class Beverly Hills businesses, such as the Beverly Hills Hotel, Montage Beverly Hills, Avalon Hotel and Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel, are partnering to offer exclusive hotel and restaurant packages to concours ticket holders. Additionally, packages include prix fixe dinner offers from Bouchon Bistro, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse of Beverly Hills, Haakasan, and Il Fornaio. 

This year’s event will honor the 60th anniversary of the Porsche Speedster, 50th anniversary of the legendary Mustang, and notable Italian cars. A special Centennial Class has also been added to this year’s event featuring half-a-dozen cars built 1914 or earlier to honor Beverly Hills’ 100th anniversary. The concours field will also feature 175 exceptional automobiles and motorcycles, focusing on 16 classes of vintage, classic cars from recognized marques manufactured before 1975. 

Tickets are all-inclusive and provide admission to concours along with gourmet food, libations from Stella Artois and Asombroso Fine Tequila, free expert-led lectures on the history of Beverly Hills tabloid scandals, a commemorative program and poster, fashion show sponsored by Revamp Vintage, awards ceremony, and access to high-end vendors in the concours marketplace. Each ticket also includes convenient, off-site parking, shuttle service and two-for-one entrance to the Peterson Automotive Museum. 

Founding sponsors Gooding & Company and the Petersen Automotive Museum are joined this year by other gracious sponsors including the Auto Gallery, Brooks Brothers, B.R.M, Chubb Personal Insurance, Infiniti of Beverly Hills, Meguiar’s, Sotheby’s International Realty, and the Beverly Hills Conference and Visitors Bureau.  

The Greystone Concours d’Elegance is produced by the City of Beverly Hills, with the support of the Friends of Greystone, and is an annual fundraiser for the ongoing restoration and preservation of Greystone. For more information, please call (310) 285-6830 or visit www.greystoneconcours.org. 

For media inquiries, please contact Heather Sumagaysay at hsumagaysay@beverlyhills.org or call (310) 285-2530."

(Photo provided by City of Beverly Hills)
(Photo provided by City of Beverly Hills)

DTM Autobody with Sandra Wong @officialsandrawong and Kay Bae @mskaybae

Pomona, CA, by W&HM - 
DTM brought in two awesome modes, Sandra Wong and Kay Bae.  The El Monte, CA based auto shop that specializes in various services, including body kit fitting, fabrication, paint and paint matching, as well as towing, and sponsorship and many more.

At the 2014 Autocon show, DTM Autobody had both their beautiful models in a clean elegant white sleeveless top and a black mini skirt.  It's classy and unique.  Great work!

More Stunning 2014 Autocon Official Models with Big Presences

Pomona, CA, by W&HM -
2014 Autocon Official Model lounge was packed with people and cameras because it was with some of the industry's top models!  The amount of traffic and the crowd at the booth was like going to a rock concert near the stage.  Everybody was vying for the models' attentions and a small window of opportunities for a photo op or even just buying the posters of their beloved models.

Autocon has changed their approach to the model lounge this year.  Instead of the common norm of inviting many models to be at the lounge space, and spread out the individual model's personal touch, Autocon has only invited eight models to be their official models.  This way, they can concentrate on promoting the models and the models promoting them in return.  Definitely it's a win-win promotion for all.  Autocon always have some of the cool innovative ways of doing things.  Great job!


Flawless, Fun, and Fantastic Franchesca Del Carpio at 2014 #AutoconLA @FranchescaDC

Pomona, CA, by W&HM - 
If you have met Franchesca DC at the 2014 Autocon, you are a lucky person!  If you did not, no worries, we brought some magic dusts of her here, figuratively and visually!

We've known Franchesca for a long time, and she never ceases to amaze us with all the wonderful things and ventures that she has taken on.  She is a super gorgeous and energetic person that is synonymous to a super model.  Her flawless figure and extra slender legs make her a fashion model look in a glamorous world.  She would be perfect in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition shoot or Victoria's Secret exotic beach filming.  Franchesca is also the CEO of The Diamond Dozen, which is a super successful modeling and casino style hosting team.  And she has many other amazing resume items that is both extensive and impressive!  On top of all these "wow" factors of her, Franchesca's fans are super loyal and adoring her.  That says a lot about the star power that she has, especially in this uber attention grabbing industry.

At 2014 Autocon event, she was one of the eight Autocon official Models that got the privilege to be in the official model lounge.  She awesomely brought many of her merchandises to the show, including our Wheels and Heels Magazine print issue with her being the cover model!  Along with the magazine, she also has several posters at hand that are super attractive!

Franchesca is the best!!

Huge Coverage of Models in 2014 #Autocon Los Angeles, What a (Confetti) Banner Event!

Pomona, CA, by Py - Autocon is always an innovative thinking event team.  They are not the usual cookie cutters that just put cars, models, and vendors together.  They always come up with something slightly different than the others to show that they are not repeating themselves.  2014 Autocon Los Angeles is another "wow" one, with lots of awesome and exciting things to see and to personally experience.

2014 Autocon Los Angeles at the Pomona Fairplex is the first time exhibit hall indoor car show for the Autocon series.  Pomona Fairplex is a tricky venue for most car shows, but Autocon team has managed to make it feel cozy and relaxing, provided a great Saturday afternoon fun ambiance for a family outing or car show fan gathering.

The combined space of the indoor hall and outside area is close to 3/4 of a football field, which is a great size for a car show.  When you entered the exhibit hall, you would see lines and lines of cars neatly packed inside the hall.  They are all polished well and shining under the bright ceiling lights.  We believe that this year's space is more limited, so the cars shown are more selected, cream of the crop so to speak.  You would see a high density of very showy cars, with all kinds of specialties, from highly decorated interiors, to unimaginable felt-like exterior finish, as well as add-ons and more add-ons, mods after mods visible or invisible.  If you are into cool modified import cars, then you are in for a treat, big time.  Definitely check out our car coverage that will be coming out soon!

The confetti rain was really an eye opener!!  This may be the most talked about single activity in the show.  We've never seen anything like that in a car show and it's super awesome!  During the official Autocon model freebie give away, the ultra-smart Autocon team arranged a confetti cannon and shot out thousands if not a million confetti out to the crowd and the stage, making it like a World cup soccer champion ceremony moment!  The confetti rain instantaneously made the crowd go wild, models supercharged, and atmosphere hyped to the extreme!  This is definitely a great moment that is a great milestone record on the history book.  Autocon has outdone themselves, as well as other car shows!

Switch to the uber glamour side, Autocon has selected eight official Autocon models.  Our awesome cover models, Franchesca Del Carpio and Jessica Weaver are among them, plus our feature model Angelina Andrada as well!  How awesome is that!  The photo ops made the Autocon model lounge a true traffic stop and center of gravity of the crowd.  BTW, we want to give Franchesca a special kudo here, because she made an effort and wore the most car-theme-related costume in the show, which made her look extra HOT too!!  As we said in our print cover feature, she has the beauty, the brain (and benevolence!)  MANY KUDOS!!
And besides the Autocon official models, many vendors also brought in top models for their booths, like our cover model Sandra Wong, Chaba, as well as feature models Lilly Evans, Amber Alavarez and Elizabeth Velasquez!

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