Flawless, Fun, and Fantastic Franchesca Del Carpio at 2014 #AutoconLA @FranchescaDC

Pomona, CA, by W&HM - 
If you have met Franchesca DC at the 2014 Autocon, you are a lucky person!  If you did not, no worries, we brought some magic dusts of her here, figuratively and visually!

We've known Franchesca for a long time, and she never ceases to amaze us with all the wonderful things and ventures that she has taken on.  She is a super gorgeous and energetic person that is synonymous to a super model.  Her flawless figure and extra slender legs make her a fashion model look in a glamorous world.  She would be perfect in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition shoot or Victoria's Secret exotic beach filming.  Franchesca is also the CEO of The Diamond Dozen, which is a super successful modeling and casino style hosting team.  And she has many other amazing resume items that is both extensive and impressive!  On top of all these "wow" factors of her, Franchesca's fans are super loyal and adoring her.  That says a lot about the star power that she has, especially in this uber attention grabbing industry.

At 2014 Autocon event, she was one of the eight Autocon official Models that got the privilege to be in the official model lounge.  She awesomely brought many of her merchandises to the show, including our Wheels and Heels Magazine print issue with her being the cover model!  Along with the magazine, she also has several posters at hand that are super attractive!

Franchesca is the best!!
During one of the raffles, Franchesca was the winning ticket picker.  She totally did an awesome job in giving a fair and fun performance of the ticket picking!  That is awesome!!

Franchesca was so aware of all her surroundings!!  Among hundred of people, she spotted us and gave us a special peace sign!!  Who would not fall in love with this super star?!!
Among ALL the models at the Autocon event, Franchesca was the only one that had the full car show theme costume, that totally shows her all around thinking as well as creative mind that she has!!
She is soooooo adorable and fun!!!  We totally love her tons!!

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