It's Always Sunny With Olivia Korte @_OKO_ Here with @MotegiRacing at 2014 #FormulaDrift

Long Beach, CA, by W&HM -

Olivia Korte

the super awesome model in the promotional modeling world, Olivia Korte is always so bright and cheerful and positive and uplifting, especially to our coverage photo shoots.  For our cover model (issue 4, May 2013), the life after her Falken touring days, has been liberated to a sense.  Of course being a Falken Tires girl is one of the industry top honor and sought after position.  However, that also limited our coverage of this incredibly beautiful and kind-hearted talent to the specific appearance of their tour schedule.  Now she has been working with many teams, including Motorz TV Host, Rockstar Energy Model, as well as here as the Motegi Racing model at the 2014 Formula Drift Long Beach.  We say "awesome!!" because we can get to see her more and share with our readers about her absolute gorgeousness, and the great positive spirits that she always brings to us!!


At the 2014 Formula Drift Long Beach, Olivia worked both day on Friday and Saturday.  This gave us a perfect opportunity to have some cool photo-op time with her, twice, as well as some window of opportunity to chat with her about her greatly blooming modeling career as well as her new chapter in life!  We are very happy to see her in a great position in every aspect of her life and very much look forward to seeing her again and more in future events!  Next time if you know that she will be at an event, make sure to meet her in person and take a picture with her.  It will be a great wallpaper on your computer desktop (unless you have a jealous girl friend or wife...) that brings smile to you all the time!

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