W&HM Issue 15 Cover with Diamond Zaang @teezaang

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 15 (DZ)
48 pages, published 4/14/2014
Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 15
- Cover models Diamond Zaang with
Phil Villa 1996 Impala SS, Arley Elizabeth
with Redline Time Attack, with featuring models Caitlin O'Connor, Kady Green, and car show event coverage of Formula DRIFT
Tech Day, 2013 Tuner Evolution, and
import model show of Kuya Model Expo 2. Contributing from Clinton Lum, and
Eduardo Suarez.

Los Angeles, CA - As we promised, our Issue 15 has the other gorgeous model, Diamond Zaang.  Diamond here on the cover is photographed with Phil Villa's cool 1996 Impala SS aka BADCHRY. Besides Arley for Redline Time Attack on cover, also, we have two feature models, Caitlin O'Connor a very successful model who appeared in many print / commercial works, as well as Kady Green, a very bright and very blonde talent! Coverage wise, we have Formula Drift Tech Day by Clinton Lum, Tuner Evolution Philadelpha by Eduardo Suarez, and Kuya Model Expo 2! This is a very good trend that we might expand in the future!! Definitely Check it out now!

Please note, the contents of this issue is IDENTICAL to the prior Issue 15 with Arley Elizabeth, just a different cover.  All the features and coverage and photos are all the same.

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