Huge Coverage of Models in 2014 #Autocon Los Angeles, What a (Confetti) Banner Event!

Pomona, CA, by Py - Autocon is always an innovative thinking event team.  They are not the usual cookie cutters that just put cars, models, and vendors together.  They always come up with something slightly different than the others to show that they are not repeating themselves.  2014 Autocon Los Angeles is another "wow" one, with lots of awesome and exciting things to see and to personally experience.

2014 Autocon Los Angeles at the Pomona Fairplex is the first time exhibit hall indoor car show for the Autocon series.  Pomona Fairplex is a tricky venue for most car shows, but Autocon team has managed to make it feel cozy and relaxing, provided a great Saturday afternoon fun ambiance for a family outing or car show fan gathering.

The combined space of the indoor hall and outside area is close to 3/4 of a football field, which is a great size for a car show.  When you entered the exhibit hall, you would see lines and lines of cars neatly packed inside the hall.  They are all polished well and shining under the bright ceiling lights.  We believe that this year's space is more limited, so the cars shown are more selected, cream of the crop so to speak.  You would see a high density of very showy cars, with all kinds of specialties, from highly decorated interiors, to unimaginable felt-like exterior finish, as well as add-ons and more add-ons, mods after mods visible or invisible.  If you are into cool modified import cars, then you are in for a treat, big time.  Definitely check out our car coverage that will be coming out soon!

The confetti rain was really an eye opener!!  This may be the most talked about single activity in the show.  We've never seen anything like that in a car show and it's super awesome!  During the official Autocon model freebie give away, the ultra-smart Autocon team arranged a confetti cannon and shot out thousands if not a million confetti out to the crowd and the stage, making it like a World cup soccer champion ceremony moment!  The confetti rain instantaneously made the crowd go wild, models supercharged, and atmosphere hyped to the extreme!  This is definitely a great moment that is a great milestone record on the history book.  Autocon has outdone themselves, as well as other car shows!

Switch to the uber glamour side, Autocon has selected eight official Autocon models.  Our awesome cover models, Franchesca Del Carpio and Jessica Weaver are among them, plus our feature model Angelina Andrada as well!  How awesome is that!  The photo ops made the Autocon model lounge a true traffic stop and center of gravity of the crowd.  BTW, we want to give Franchesca a special kudo here, because she made an effort and wore the most car-theme-related costume in the show, which made her look extra HOT too!!  As we said in our print cover feature, she has the beauty, the brain (and benevolence!)  MANY KUDOS!!
And besides the Autocon official models, many vendors also brought in top models for their booths, like our cover model Sandra Wong, Chaba, as well as feature models Lilly Evans, Amber Alavarez and Elizabeth Velasquez!

Check out the full article here...

Besides our cover models, we also captured Danielle Lo, Jenny Q, Donnah Pham, Janis True, Noemii J.  They were all looking super awesome in their own special way.
The 2Crave Heavy Hitters model team here looked great, with Ana Cheri busy signing her posters, and Venassa Thompson looking elegant, and Elizabeth Velasquez who was born with natural glamour in her.

DTM Autobody had Sandra Wong and Kay Bae dressed in the clean and sexy white + black outfits.  Simply wow, especially for these two super classy and sexy ladies!

Toyo Tires brought their top models as well, with Magda Angel, Leanna Bartlett, and Janey Bolina.  Totally triple hot!

Ace Wheels had the famous Lilly Evans for their booth, and a picture of our soon to be cover model, Gabby Jeanne, and cover GTR car by Chris also appeared at the booth too.

More cool beauties at the outdoor space, like Samiie M (below) here...

Alicia Whitten graced the Autocon this year, and it's such a pleasantly rekindled modeling appearance!  Her vendor, Ignited Clothing is totally awesome, who fully knows the values of promotional models.   He mentioned that Alicia has brought in so much traffic, and she wearing their T-shirt has made into a great number of photos in media coverage and person albums on social media.  And he let her go off to other cars for photo shoots, and increased their virtual exposure space even more.  We salute to them for their insightful understanding of the promotional modeling!!

Franchesca had our magazine!!  Posters too!!  Yay!!  She is beyond awesome!!

Evelyn Lin as well as Limitless Society models Ellie Roxx, Amy Ames and Lily Sangg were all so cute at the show!

Lori Lin for Dayuum, and Amber Alvarez and models for Stance Wheels!
More models!

Tianna Gregory and Trixie Gogo for Vertini  Wheels!

Then at the stage, the fun was hyped even higher with all the Autocon Official models being introduced to the crowd. 

Right at the giving away of vendor freebies, the confetti rain started and you can feel the "wow" and wild in the air!!

Chaba and Noelle Lyn were the go-go artists on the stage, dancing away with the super cool music!

Janey Bolina and Leanna Bartlett were having such a great time on the stage!

And there were happy winners with the Autocon plaques and trophies!

At the end, the ceremony closed with the crowning of Miss Autocon 2014, Jenny Q.

Overall, this is one of the most fun experience in a car show that we enjoyed.  As said many times, great thinking in the Autocon team has brought us new surprises to the loyal fans every year.  We look forward to the next year, a bigger, and better, and awesomer one, we hope!

Keep up the amazing work, Autocon Team, and thank you for the great event for all of us!!  See you next year (or maybe sooner?!!!)  Great job!!  Well done!!

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