A Great Pictorial Coverage of Super Glam Jessica Weaver @jessicakes33 at @Autocon Booth in 2014 Formula Drift Long Beach

Long Beach, CA, by W&HM - 2014 Formula Drift season opener at Long Beach was an exciting event on the race track, but off the track, it's also very exciting in a different way.  There were many vendors, sponsors, big tire companies, and of course many top models.  Among all the models, Jessica Weaver stood out prominently, at the Autocon Booth, instantly attracting many show attendees or who simply being magnetized by her beauty.

Autocon Los Angeles is coming up very soon!  The date is April 26th at Pomona Fairplex.  Autocon has grown rapidly and is becoming a major venue for the southern California import and luxury car enthusiasts.  Definitely don't miss it!

Jessica Weaver, our cover model of the print edition Issue #9, is a gorgeous on the outside, and smart in the inside type of model.  Not only she can go to any car shows or promotional events and command a huge crowd around her, she also has her own Youtube channel advising people on relationship, interpersonal skills, as well as other aspects of life.  We are talking about beauty and brain and heart and mind here.

We consider that Jessica is a perfect model for the Autocon presence there, representing the image that both the exterior as well as the interior are important to be at the top of your industry.
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