Top Models at #2Crave Heavy Hitters Wheels @anacheri @corissafurr @katelynnansari @annelisejr @vanessathomp

Los Angeles, CA, by W&HM - 2Crave is a forward thinking, perfection-driven, and prominent brand that is associated with high quality wheels they produce for luxury SUVs, performance sports cars, and more. At the 2014 DUB LA show, 2Crave had invested tremendously with their show-lifestyle branch line, Heavy Hitters.  You should not be confused with the HH, Heavy Hitters Magazine, because it has no relationship at all.  The 2Crave's Heavy Hitters is a major line of high quality, top engineering wheels that gear toward "Lord of the boulevards, streets are forever watching.  For those who strive to be the best of the show. Automotive is a way of life, Heavy Hitters deliver." headlined in 2Crave web site.  As we witnessed at their strong presence in the show, the wheels and the models were super popular!  It was so popular that they had to put ropes to form a line to guide people to the booth.

When we said that 2Crave is heavily investing at the Heavy Hitters line, it's very evident also that they hired the industry's top models to help them deliver the message.  At the center of the main booth, Ana Cheri was busy signing her posters away to the eager fans in line.  Besides Ana, there were five other super cool top models to demonstrate 2Crave's marketing prowess in this heavy market.  We totally applaud their efforts and our hats off to them!

To see more of these amazing models ...
Ana Cheri is a super popular model.  If you check out her instagram profile,  you will be stunned, or envious about about her command in the social media world.  At today's count, there are 332K followers of hers, we mean "K" followers!  Now that's impressive and she definitely earned it with her dedication, passion, and awesome professionalism!!
Corissa Furr, our future cover model, is always + always soooo gorgeous!  No matter it's indoor or outdoor.  under freezing air-conditioning, or mercury breaking so-Cal heat, she always creates the most beautiful photos for us!  We are always in awe of her presence!

Annelise Marie+Annelise Marie )looked super cool, and warm too!  Her pure gorgeousness of herself is a great attraction already, and she was so amicable at the show and reached out to show goers to deliver the 2Crave flyer cards.  Nobody could refuse such a beautiful offering!

Definitely check out Annelise's IG, @annelisejr!  There are some unique and very + very cool modeling photos of hers!!  What an amazing talent!!
Brittany Brickner is a rocket star!  She cannot be contained in the normal atmosphere, or any ceiling! After winning many titles and working her assets off, she has informed us that she will be touring with the DUB show.  Now that's another great medal to her fast-growing collection.  Keep up the great work Brittany!!
Katelynn Ansari is a natural born model that she can fit in many different roles of modeling.  She appears in many different events, posters, and prints.  And we are very happy that she chose car promotional industry as one of her main interests!  We look forward to seeing her more in the future!

Vanessa Thompson is a sweet sweet model who has that fashion model look.  This makes her a great model for the great wheel brand.  Her amicable personality instantly put people at ease and love to listen to what she has to tell people, or hands to them, e.g. the flyers in her hand.  We trust that she will be a top model in no time.  Definitely follow her to see her rise to the stardom!
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