Awesomely Happy and Perky @LeeDialani and other @Spocom Models at 2014 FormulaDrift Long Beach

Long Beach, CA, by W&HM - When we wandered to the Spocom booth at 2014 Formula Drift Long Beach, we expected many gorgeous and talented models there, as Spocom booth is the premier place for models to be featured in.  Of course, we never got disappointed, and this time even more we got pleasantly surprised to meet Lee Dialani, a new model on our book.  Immediately, we felt the great effects of her hearty smiles, and then her cheerful personality.  Lee is anti-timid, anit-stagnant, and anti-boring!  That's what we call a great talent!  During the shoot, she was so animated with our camera, with Spocom's T-shirt, and simply just being herself.  Lee is one awesome model we can tell and look forward to seeing her alot in the future!


When Lee Dialani took up a T-Shirt, she ingeniously transformed it into a bull fighting red cape, challenging our charging camera, and our pointing flash (if you know the unique way that we shoot...)

Ms Lynn Lyn was also at the Spocom booth, and gave us great photo opportunities.  Her elegant and smooth posing made the photos very classy and fashion like.  Great job!

We also met up Nicole Leigh later in the day, and captured a couple of shots of her.

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