More Stunning 2014 Autocon Official Models with Big Presences

Pomona, CA, by W&HM -
2014 Autocon Official Model lounge was packed with people and cameras because it was with some of the industry's top models!  The amount of traffic and the crowd at the booth was like going to a rock concert near the stage.  Everybody was vying for the models' attentions and a small window of opportunities for a photo op or even just buying the posters of their beloved models.

Autocon has changed their approach to the model lounge this year.  Instead of the common norm of inviting many models to be at the lounge space, and spread out the individual model's personal touch, Autocon has only invited eight models to be their official models.  This way, they can concentrate on promoting the models and the models promoting them in return.  Definitely it's a win-win promotion for all.  Autocon always have some of the cool innovative ways of doing things.  Great job!


Jessica Weaver

Our print cover model, looked super good at the show.  She is the prime model that Autocon has been promoting.  Her blond hair and blue eyes and enticing figure, all make her a stand out model especially in this import model scene.  We were so happy to see Jessica at the show, now that she is doing full time modeling.  That's awesome and we look forward to seeing her a lot more in the future!


Angelina Andrada

Our feature model, and an amazing fitness model too, is always sooooo personable, so friendly, so sweet, so warm, and so awesome, every time we worked and saw her at shows.  Her sparkling eyes and mesmerizing smiles among other wonderful features of her would be your lasting memory of this uber beauty!  We are extremely happy to see her again!


Danielle Lo 

She is such an established model that she does not need any introduction.  She is so genuine and friendly, no wonder she is so popular and has a lot of loyal fans of hers!  It's always great to see Danielle!

Donna Pham

Donnah is a famous Canadian import model who has international followings across the borders and oceans.  She has changed from blonde to brunette and it definitely adds a lot more definitions to her beautiful face.  We definitely love to see this great model coming down to Southern California more to give all our fellow media friends the opportunities to capture her gorgeousness!


Jenn Q

The Miss Autocon 2014 has her signature fiery red hair that immediately separated herself from others. At the end of the Autocon, after the award ceremony, Jenn Q was crowned the Miss Autocon 2014.  We believe that this is the first time Autocon has given out a crowning title.  We do look forward to seeing this great tradition to start and many more to come!

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