W&HM 2013 Top Image Review in Wallpaper Formt - Best Poses Model Pictures

Los Angeles, CA, W&HM - Continuing our countdown to 2014, here are a couple of desktop wall papers featuring awesome models with awesome poses.  We highly salute to these amazing models for their talents in creating such gorgeous photos for us.  All these were done with them while being tens and tens of fans and photographers, among hundreds of camera clicks, and in just a few seconds!  If this is not genius, we don't know what else can be as a model.

In the above wallpaper, we have Holly Lee, Lovely Rachelle, Lilly Evans, Lily Zenna Wang, Brittani Paige, Amy Ames, and Ellie Roxx.

Then we have a lot more including Elizabeth Velasquez*, Melyssa Grace*, Leng Yein*, Marissa Hiroko, Crystal Mendez*, Serena Su, Raichelle Viado, Erica Nagashima, and Jessica Harbour.

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W&HM 2013 Top Image Review in Wallpaper Formt - Best Leggy Model Pictures

Los Angeles, CA, by W&HM - Tis' the season of giving.  Here at the magazine, we want to give you the best of the best, free too!  Staring today, we will provide various top images that our chief editor picked and have them in the desktop / HDTV friendly wallpaper format (1920 x 1080).   This way, you may begin to come to work early, and probably stay late as well. Sounds like it's a productive booster gift that you will get this year! This could be a great start of the 2014, early too!

In the past few days, we were busy digging through our event coverage photos from this year's events and painstakingly went through every one of them.  Then we picked the absolute amazing ones and ended up with 500+ best of the best out of near 10K photos.  And then we went through them several times, and gathered the cream of the crop photos to create these awesome photos.  We have some specific categories, including stunning leggy model photos, most curvaceous model photos, as well as awesome and gorgeous poses and expressions, and more.

Here we have the first batch of the leggy model photos, fittingly for the "Heels" portion of our brand name. From the top to the bottom (names with "*" are our cover / feature models), we have Eva Skye*, Chaba*, Claudia Alan*, Love Lena, Jeri Lee/

The above continues with Jamie Lynn, Marie Alvarez, Diamond Zaang*, Amanda Kerr* and Julie.

Amanda Kerr*, Diamond Zaang*, Elizabeth Velasquez*, Charise Jeanine, Love Lena

Erica Nagashima, Jenna Trujillo, Marie Alvarez, Gwendolynne Gee, Ryan Oso

(We did not capture this leggy model's name...), Tammy Ly, Ling Ferrero, Serena Su and Chelsea Lee.

Of course, this is far from an exhaustive list of the gorgeous leggy models from the shows.  In fact there are so many of them, that we have to keep some for the print edition which is coming up soon, as well.  If you have any suggestions on more models to be included in the above year-in-review list, please leave a comment and we will see if we can find and produce them for you!

Happy Holidays!

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* To see more coverage and features of the model, click on the labels below in the gray box.
* If you have links to other sources of the model, please add to the comment section. Thanks.
* Model, if you like provide updates, or request changes, please let us know.

LT Motorwerks Toy Drive, 50+ Pictures Coverage with Jessica Weaver by Clinton Lum @Calibre68

El Monte, CA - Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM - It's a beautiful day, many beautiful cars, with beautiful Jessica Weaver, got together for a beautiful cause, the Toy Drive by LT Motorwerks in El Monte.  Our sage contributor Clinton Lum has captured many great shots of the cars in the drive meet.  Mostly cars are European performance and purely awesome in their impeccable conditions.  Jessica Weaver looks awesome among these cool cars.  Click here or the above picture for the full article and 50+ photos coverage!

Diana Grant - A High Professionalism and Grand Model


Diana Grant

Whenever we do our coverage of events with Diana Grant in them, we always thought about the world "professionalism" about her.  Diana's professionalism does not just stop at being on time, or being fully prepared and putting up smiles.  That's "expected professionalism".  Hers is "high professionalism", which includes proactively engaging attendees of the shows, making people feel well cared, working 360 degrees around her visual peripherals, as well as actively ensuring the promotional activities are well organized and run.  This level of professionalism is usually only seen in high offices in corporate offices.  By inference, we are very sure that whatever she does besides her modeling life, would be very well run and super successful!  Our hats off to her!!

The proactive attitude and assertiveness does not mask the grand looking of Diana.  Wherever she stays, you can feel her presence, and she feels yours too.  She has that majestic all American look.  It's as if she can ride a horse and run miles and miles through the Rockies in the west, or big plains in the mid-west, or dense forests in New England.  She just gives us that confidence of the can-do determination, which is perfectly embodiment of the American spirit!


FB: https://www.facebook.com/dianamgrant

Lisa Lee Marie - An Wholesome Sexy Angel from Heaven @LisaLeeMarie13


Lisa Lee Marie

This 5'4" blonde angel looks like a carefree all American girl who is just at the next block to you.  Lisa Lee Marie has been very active in the car show industry during the 2011 period.  She was the Hankook girl, which is one of the most prestige roles in the auto promotional modeling world.  Born in Oregon, Lisa Lee Marie moved to So-Cal and grew up as a beautiful golden California girl.  Looking at her infectious smile, and smile-and-smart eye gazes, as well as her warm personality, we have to say that God created Lisa Lee Marie.

She is back to be active in the car show world, and we have seen her in 2013 SEMA, Auto Enthusiast Day, rain or shine.  We definitely look forward to seeing her again and many times in the coming events.


Twitter: @LisaLeeMarie13
MM: http://www.modelmayhem.com/BLONDiE1503
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