December 19, 2013

Sarai Rollins - Incredibly Sensual and Totally WOW! @SaraiRollins


Sarai Rollins

The leggy 5'8" model has many talents and skills under her belt.  Not only she kick ass in modeling, she is also acting, performing, competing in triathlons, as well as speaking in sign language!  Her sheer beauty and natural sensuality makes her an ideal promotional model, commercial models, entertainment personality, or any roles that requires hotness!  We see her career taking off like a Higgs boson flying through the European particle accelerator.  In the short two years since 2011, she has achieved so many levels of accomplishments that her resume is running out of paper to write!  We look forward to this awesome model continuing her trajectory to the super stardom that she deserves!


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2013.1107 SEMA, Rockstar Garage, Las Vegas, NV - Sarai Rollins Photos by Py


2012.1030 SEMA, Sailun Booth, Las Vegas, NV - Sarai Rollins with Maya Michelle Rew, Photos by Py

2012.0826 DUB LA, Pirelli, Los Angeles, CA - Sarai Rollins Photos by Py


2011.1101 SEMA, Sailun Booth, Las Vegas, NV - Sarai Rollins Photos by Py



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