W&HM #2014Calendar is Available!! #Brain and #Beauty!

W&HM 2014 Calendar
28 pages, published 12/8/2013
Wheels and Heels Magazine W&HM 2014 Calendar featuring Melyssa Grace, Franchesca Del Carpio, Claudia Alan, Tera Patrick, Jennifer Irene Gonzalez, Olivia Korte, Jessica Weaver, Arley Elizabeth, Leng Yein, Elena Romanova, Sandra Wong, Brie Williams, models, celebrities, import models, Subaru WRX, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Lotus, Mustang
By Py / Los Angeles, CA - We are very excited about the W&HM 2014 Calendar.  Not only the photos are gorgeous and very office and shop friendly, the models are top tier models in the industry as well as upcoming stars, also with super awesome Tera Patrick!  They are simply amazing!

Melyssa Grace graced the cover of the calendar for her sheer beauty and talents, drifting passion, and most of all, her dedication and efforts to help the Haiyan Typhoon relief fundraising and food donations for the victims in affected Philippine.  We are greatly proud of our amazing cover model and it's such an honor to work with her in many occasions.  Salute!!

Together with Melyssa, we have many amazing models, as listed in the description.  We carried the tradition of including a quote from each model in the photo.  This makes the calendar extra special and has much better longevity on your wall, with beauty for your eyes and thinking for your head. :-)

The calendar is of the standard size (8.25" x 10.75", almost the letter size) saddle stapled.  Therefore when you hang it on the wall, you might want to reverse fold it a little before pin it on the wall.

Check it out and order one today!  It would help us bring more future high quality beautiful and extended contents to you too!  Thanks!