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Cara Provenzano - 

Cara Provenzano has a natural pleasant aura around her wherever she goes. In our magazine coverage's case, it seems that we see her annually at SEMA show.  Even though that's the only occasion that we meet her, she always look so refreshing, bright and calm to all the cameras and flashes that were pointing to her.  Her sweet smiles and friendly gestures, would put anyone at ease and wanted to start a chat with her.  She is that kind of model that you feel really comfortable with, even though she has such a glamorous look.

Cara, 5'7" blonde, is originally from New York, and moved to Los Angeles a few years ago and her modeling career is heading to a great direction.  We definitely look forward to seeing her in making more appearances, hopefully in other events that we cover as well.

* 2013.1107 SEMA Kenda Booth, Las Vegas - Cara Provenzano Photos by Py

During the 2013 SEMA show, Cara demonstrated her great brand ambassadorship working very well with attendees, company clients as well as media.


* 2012.1030 SEMA Kenda Booth, Las Vegas - Cara Provenzano Photos by Py

We first met her at this year's event and she already captured our attention!


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  1. Cara is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Wish I looked like her!!!


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