Diana Grant - A High Professionalism and Grand Model


Diana Grant

Whenever we do our coverage of events with Diana Grant in them, we always thought about the world "professionalism" about her.  Diana's professionalism does not just stop at being on time, or being fully prepared and putting up smiles.  That's "expected professionalism".  Hers is "high professionalism", which includes proactively engaging attendees of the shows, making people feel well cared, working 360 degrees around her visual peripherals, as well as actively ensuring the promotional activities are well organized and run.  This level of professionalism is usually only seen in high offices in corporate offices.  By inference, we are very sure that whatever she does besides her modeling life, would be very well run and super successful!  Our hats off to her!!

The proactive attitude and assertiveness does not mask the grand looking of Diana.  Wherever she stays, you can feel her presence, and she feels yours too.  She has that majestic all American look.  It's as if she can ride a horse and run miles and miles through the Rockies in the west, or big plains in the mid-west, or dense forests in New England.  She just gives us that confidence of the can-do determination, which is perfectly embodiment of the American spirit!


FB: https://www.facebook.com/dianamgrant

2913 SEMA, Yukon Booth, Las Vegas, NV - Photos by Py


2011 SEMA Yukon, Las Vegas, NV - Photos by Py

Diana Grant is always professional, friendly, courteous and busy, because she is always engaging customers on the floor to the booth.  That's why she is such in demand for promotional works!!  Totally awesome!!

2011 Formula Drift, Montegi Racing Booth, Las Vegas, NV - Photos by Py


2011 Formula Drift, Moegi Racing Booth, Irwindale, CA - Photos by Py


2011 Toyota Grand Prix, Pirelli Booth, Long Beach, CA - Photos by Py

If you have seen Diana Grant at work at 2011 Toyota Grand Prix, you would be totally amazed by the professionalism and dedication to her ambassadorship of the brand that she represents.
She is a get-things-done type of person, a caring-to-all-ages and no-diva-attitude type of model!
Great job! Keep up the good work Diana!!

2011 Formula Drift, Motegi Racing Booth, Long Beach, CA - Photos by Py


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