Elle Navarro - A Multi-Talented and Multi-Magazine-Cover Model

Elle Navarro

Elle Navarro is a multi-national-magazine-cover model.  Her deep involvement in the auto events and shows industry, has earned her many achievements, including the 2012 Miss Spocom solo hosting role and Lowrider magazine as well as Super Street magazine covers.  At 5'3", Elle though looks petite, she has a commanding presence at any occasion.  She is very popular among media as well as show attendees.  When she poses for pictures, she gives out 100%.  That we appreciate very much!  


TW: @ElleNavarro
IG: @ellenavarro

2013.1107 SEMA, Pirelli Tires Booth, Las Vegas - Elle Navarro Photos by Py


2012.1030 SEMA, ADV-1 Booth, Las Vegas, NV - Elle Navarro and Ashlee Davis Photos by Py


2012.0804 SPOCOM Show, Anaheim, CA - Elle Navarro and Samantha Padilla Photos by Py



2011.0806 SPOCOM, Anaheim, CA - Elle Navarro Photos by Py

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