Julie Mai Always Looks This Awesome, #SEMA2013 @JoolieMai

Las Vegas, NV by Py wheelsandheelsmag - Julie Mai always has a very beautiful and memorable smile, together with a quick and bright mind.  Her eyes are beaming with deep wisdom, yet with so much playfulness that are totally irresistible!  

When we were cruising around the gigantic Las Vegas Convention Center SEMA show, we noticed a brightly dressed beauty who has all the above cool qualities.  It was a great surprise to see Julie Mai, as we did not get any ground signal of this happening.  It's always great to catch up with Julie, as she is a natural conversationalist with all the fresh information and happenings.  Totally awesome!

Besides the good chatting, we did not forget to capture her beauty to share with our readers.  As you can see, Julie Mai always looks so amazing!!
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