Lisa Lee Marie - An Wholesome Sexy Angel from Heaven @LisaLeeMarie13


Lisa Lee Marie

This 5'4" blonde angel looks like a carefree all American girl who is just at the next block to you.  Lisa Lee Marie has been very active in the car show industry during the 2011 period.  She was the Hankook girl, which is one of the most prestige roles in the auto promotional modeling world.  Born in Oregon, Lisa Lee Marie moved to So-Cal and grew up as a beautiful golden California girl.  Looking at her infectious smile, and smile-and-smart eye gazes, as well as her warm personality, we have to say that God created Lisa Lee Marie.

She is back to be active in the car show world, and we have seen her in 2013 SEMA, Auto Enthusiast Day, rain or shine.  We definitely look forward to seeing her again and many times in the coming events.


Twitter: @LisaLeeMarie13

2013 SEMA, Spyder, Las Vegas, NV - Photos by Py


2013 Hot Auto Enthusiast Day, Nitto, Fontana, CA, Photos by Clinton Lum


2011 SEMA, Hankook, Las Vegas, NV - Photos by Py


2011 Formula Drift, Hankook Booth, Las Vegas, NV - Lisa Marie Photos by Py



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