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Crystal Leigh
"I spray champagne for a living", wrote Crystal Leigh on her twitter account profile.  That pretty much sets the tone of this beautiful and fun model's working life.  Crystal has those semi-translucent crystal green eyes,that draw you, or your viewfinder in with no end.  Her 5'5" curvaceous yet shapely figure comes with gorgeous legs and proportions.  No wonder her appearances are sought after by prints and promotional events.  Crystal is no stranger at all to the car shows.  In fact, she started modeling at the DUB tour and Lowrider shows since 2008.  Looking through her portfolio would give you a full sense of how talented, as well as aesthetically savvy in her choosing working partners and representations.  As we always advocate that don't just put up pictures in your portfolio, only put the best of the best in it.  Surely Crystal has both the quality AND quantity to confirm that principle.  We say bravo, bravo!

Even though we did not have great luck capturing many photos of Crystal's prolific modeling appearances, sure you can google or find her in sites like Flickr to find more awesome photos of her.  Hopefully we can balance this problem back into equilibrium in our coverage of her again in the future.


Twitter: @xoCrystalleigh
IG: @xoCrystalleigh

2013.1107 SEMA, Vision Wheel Booth, Las Vegas, NV - Crystal Leigh and Brianna Nicole Photos by Py




2012 Spocom, Meister Watch Booth, Anaheim, CA - Crystal Leigh Photos by Py


2012. 86Fest, Fontan, CA - Crylsta Leigh Photos by Py



2010 XDC, Irwindale, CA - Crystal Leigh Photos by Py


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