Many Great Models at 2013 International Motorcycle show at Long Beach Convention Center

By Py / Long Beach, CA - It's a rainy day, cold, damp and unfriendly, which is perfect for an indoor motorcycle show!!  The 2013 International Motorcycle Show inside Long Beach Convention Center was packed with shoulder to shoulder motorcyclists and fans.  (We will have a show floor motorcycle article coming out soon.)

This year, it seems that there are many models at the event, compared to the previous years.  On top of it, we were so happy to see two of our cover models, Arley Elizabeth and Carolyn Martin at the show, together with a future-feature model Ashley Harrell!!  We were in heaven!  Read on to see many more great models at the International Motorcycle Show Long Beach!
Arley Elizabeth is such a wonderful and top model!  Before she attended the show, she would broadcast about the event and tell people to come to the BMW booth.  We are sure that not many models do this type of above and beyond the requirement gesture.  She is simply awesome!  Whoever hired her would be super impressed by her professionalism and passion!!

Together with Arley is Amanda who shows her bright smile and warm personality also at the BMW booth.
We are so happy to see Carolyn Martin, our cover model, unexpectedly at the event.  She said that both she and Araceli Laguna were there for only a short period of time, and we were so lucky to be able to catch the two beauties!!

We worked with Ashley Harrell in a photo shoot as well as coverage feature in the past for the 2Crave team in various events.  She always  has that brilliance in her eyes, and brightness in her personality when she is talking with you.  Totally awesome!

Mariah Longo had a classic pin-up look perfect for the Indian Motorcyle's retro styles of their motorcycle.  Michelle Yee looked super glamorous for PSA and our camera just could not resist her super charms!

Audrey (above right) and her model friend at Triumph booth looking,... triumphant!! Cool!! 
Stevie Austin at the Russ Brown and Kord, Romag Attorney for motorcycles, made a great presence at the booth!
To see more coverage and features of the model, click on her label below in the gray box.

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