Crystal Leigh - A Beautiful and Cool Model @xoCrystalleigh

Crystal Leigh
"I spray champagne for a living", wrote Crystal Leigh on her twitter account profile.  That pretty much sets the tone of this beautiful and fun model's working life.  Crystal has those semi-translucent crystal green eyes,that draw you, or your viewfinder in with no end.  Her 5'5" curvaceous yet shapely figure comes with gorgeous legs and proportions.  No wonder her appearances are sought after by prints and promotional events.  Crystal is no stranger at all to the car shows.  In fact, she started modeling at the DUB tour and Lowrider shows since 2008.  Looking through her portfolio would give you a full sense of how talented, as well as aesthetically savvy in her choosing working partners and representations.  As we always advocate that don't just put up pictures in your portfolio, only put the best of the best in it.  Surely Crystal has both the quality AND quantity to confirm that principle.  We say bravo, bravo!

Even though we did not have great luck capturing many photos of Crystal's prolific modeling appearances, sure you can google or find her in sites like Flickr to find more awesome photos of her.  Hopefully we can balance this problem back into equilibrium in our coverage of her again in the future.


Twitter: @xoCrystalleigh
IG: @xoCrystalleigh

Elle Navarro - A Multi-Talented and Multi-Magazine-Cover Model

Elle Navarro

Elle Navarro is a multi-national-magazine-cover model.  Her deep involvement in the auto events and shows industry, has earned her many achievements, including the 2012 Miss Spocom solo hosting role and Lowrider magazine as well as Super Street magazine covers.  At 5'3", Elle though looks petite, she has a commanding presence at any occasion.  She is very popular among media as well as show attendees.  When she poses for pictures, she gives out 100%.  That we appreciate very much!  


TW: @ElleNavarro
IG: @ellenavarro

Sarai Rollins - Incredibly Sensual and Totally WOW! @SaraiRollins


Sarai Rollins

The leggy 5'8" model has many talents and skills under her belt.  Not only she kick ass in modeling, she is also acting, performing, competing in triathlons, as well as speaking in sign language!  Her sheer beauty and natural sensuality makes her an ideal promotional model, commercial models, entertainment personality, or any roles that requires hotness!  We see her career taking off like a Higgs boson flying through the European particle accelerator.  In the short two years since 2011, she has achieved so many levels of accomplishments that her resume is running out of paper to write!  We look forward to this awesome model continuing her trajectory to the super stardom that she deserves!


Web site:
MM Profile:
FB Page:

Cara Provenzano - A Carefree and Bright Model @carapro

Cara Provenzano - 

Cara Provenzano has a natural pleasant aura around her wherever she goes. In our magazine coverage's case, it seems that we see her annually at SEMA show.  Even though that's the only occasion that we meet her, she always look so refreshing, bright and calm to all the cameras and flashes that were pointing to her.  Her sweet smiles and friendly gestures, would put anyone at ease and wanted to start a chat with her.  She is that kind of model that you feel really comfortable with, even though she has such a glamorous look.

Cara, 5'7" blonde, is originally from New York, and moved to Los Angeles a few years ago and her modeling career is heading to a great direction.  We definitely look forward to seeing her in making more appearances, hopefully in other events that we cover as well.

Brittany Brickner @BrittBrixx - What a Vivacious and Awesome Model

Brittany Brickner

Brittany Brickner is a go-getter and hard working model, where nothing can stop her, rain or shine.  We first met Brittany at the EAF San Diego event.  Her passion for modeling can be felt throughout the encountering that we had with her.  She has an uplifting cheerful personality that is very infectious.  Even though we have only seen her in the context of 2Crave promotions, she is very popular in the Southern California scenes.  We look forward to seeing her in many events in the future!

Brittany Brickner Info: 

IG: @brittbrixx

Ashley Twomey - Multi-Talented Blonde Bombshell

Ashley Twomey

This 5'7" tall blonde with dazzling smiles and sparkling eyes has a matching bright personality, as well as her multi-talents in fashion modeling, promotional modeling, make up artistry, and hair styling.  Her extensive experiences in modeling has earned her in numerous national and international commercials, videos, TV appearances, fashion magazine prints, major brand campaigns, as well as many other promotional projects and roles.  We have very high respect to this amazing model!

When we met her at the 2013 SEMA event, Ashley was so easy to talk to, and we were mesmerized by her bright personality and impressed by her professional assertiveness.  We see nothing but an amazing future laying in front of her!

Ashley Twomey Info: 

Main web site:
MM profile:
IG: @ashley2me 

Change is on the way...

We are experimenting a new direction of coverage... Stay tuned!

SEMA Corissa Furr and Summer Daniels

Las Vegas, NV, by W&HM - Pirelli this year has done something different at SEMA, something major!  They have the wonderful and familiar awesome models, including Corissa Furr, Summer Daniels, and Elle Navarro, and more, at the booth this year.  It's a replacement of the Venezuelan models, who have been gorgeous too but less accessible to the general American attendees and fans.

Therefore, the booth has been more crowded because people who aren't familiar with the famous models love the freebies and people who are fans and familiar with these great models paid a lot more attention to them.  It's a win plus win combination!  Great job!
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