Genius Tools' Mao Liu, Awesome Cutie First Time in The US from Taiwan for #SEMA2013

Las Vegas, NV by W&HM - Genius Tools always bring their cool models to the SEMA show, and definitely they bring a lot of fun and attentions to the booth.  In the sea of hard metal and quick sale pitches, Genius Tools stands out with the soft and fun touch like an oasis in the desert.  It's always fun to stop by the booth everyday during the show!

Mao Liu who has never been to the US, flew all the way from Taiwan to attend the SEMA 2013 gigantic show for Genius Tools.  She has a great personality and great promotional model at the booth.  She and Jennifer Irene Gonzalez made a fun youtube vid of fighting for tools at Genius Tools gathered some eyeballs virtually and in reality.  Her inks are also very cool, matching her personality, of beauty, elegance, and strength!  We definitely look forward to seeing her again in the future!!  Great job everybody!!

Leggy Ashley Clark @ashhhhcee and Serena Su @serenasuu at Paxton Sueprchargers in #SEMA2013

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - When we entered the convention center after the media registration, the first pair of models that we met, happily to say the least, are Ashley Clark and Serena Su for Paxton Superchargers.  They are constantly busy signing their posters to the show attenders, that formed a long line for their chance to talk to the two awesome models and get a personalized autographed poster.
We have seen Ashley Clark in many events before and she is always so bright and happy in our photos.  Definitely check out all the photos following the label link at the end of the article, and click her name.  Serena Su is relatively new to the modeling in comparison, yet has her own style and look.  We are very happy to see both of them and do look forward to seeing them in the near future!

2015 Ford Mustang Field Debut Pictorial by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Los Angeles, CA, Photo by Clinton Lum, Text by Staff - we have an article about the newly, very + very newly, field debut of the brand new, totally redesigned, super cool, 2015 Ford Mustang at Hoonigan.  To see all the photos click the photo above and let us know what you think!

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Philippine Relief Meet and Greet at San Diego with Melyssa Grace, Chaba and More by Gary Phung

Photos by Gary Phung, Text by Staff, San Diego - A guest contributor, Gary Phung, has traveled to San Diego to attend the Philippine Relief Meet & Greet event and brought us back the wonderful captures of our cover models, Chaba and Melyssa Grace, as well as other awesome models including Michelle Yee and Janey Bolina, at the event!
Definitely take a look at the full gallery here!
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