That Commanding Presence of Lyssa Roberts for Narvaez Racing at #Nitto #EAD2016

Once you look into Lyssa Roberts' eyes, you could not go away without thinking of her... Lyssas effortlessly made huge impressions on us during the Nitto AED Anaheim 2016! / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to

Lyssa Roberts has that Rhianna's laid back aura with high intensity without even needing to make an effort for it.  Her presence is simply a statement of charisma!

During the Nitto AED 2016 car show, we met Lyssa Roberts at the Road Race Engineering booth.  At first, it was a chaos, because there were so many photographers there.

After a closer encounter, we were immediately impressed.  Lyssa has that unspeakable power through her gaze and her power connection without even betting her eye lashes.

That's what we call power modeling!  We sure hope to see more of Lyssa in the future, to witness more awesomeness from this awesome model!

Wow!! More Models at 86Fest Fontana 2016 by Clinton Lum @calibre68

As we said there were so many models at the 86Fest!  Our sage contributing photographer Clinton Lum was really busy that hot day! / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to

Our highly professional photographer, Clinton Lum, proved just how professional he is.  The models across the 86Fest were so many but he still got the chance to capture them all, with multiple individual shots.

This level of achievements is not easily attained by anyone, because it's just taking a lot of time, and efforts even to get models to pose specifically for you.  On top of all these model photography, Clinton also does tons of car photography as well.  That's wearing two hats at the same time, bearing heavy gears and spending double the time.  Clinton is totally awesome!!!

The Inside Out is BACK! Models with Inner Wears at 86Fest Fontana 2016 by Clinton Lum @calibre68

We haven't seen models in lingerie at car show for a long while.  We firmly believe that beauty comes in all different forms and styles! / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to

In the golden old days of car show modeling, lingerie was common at shows.  However, different models have different ways to show them.  Some were really cool but not all of them were.  Then in the low years of car show modeling, things were quietly transforming to a different type of modeling.  More about sleek wears, or club dresses, or cosplay costumes.  Suddenly lingerie went out of the fav of most models.

But not in 86Fest, our safe contributing photographer brought back the evidence that good art never dies, even against the trend!

We are happy to see the budding trend coming back to the car show world, and shows us the glamour of lingerie modeling with cars and gears.

You may ask, what's lingerie to do with cars?  Well we say, what do all these models' wears have anything to do with cars?  It's not like they drive in those dresses or bikinis or the cars have these models come in those looks either.

It's the integrated look.  If your car is hot, you don't want a drab.  If your car is sleek, you go for the stylish.  If your car is souped up, then you should have an equally glam up model to go with it!

Karen Denise and more models at 86Fest Fontana 2016 by Clinton Lum @86Fest @calibre68

There were so many models in the 86Fest that our sage contributing photographer Clinton Lum worked really hard to bring them to you.  And there will be even more coming too! / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to

They are like a never ending parade of models.  There were so many!  Leading the parade here is the familiar face, Karen Denise!

You Can Always Count on JDM Sport Vixens to Be There!! This time at 86Fest Fontana 2016 by Clinton Lum @calibre68 @jdmsportvixens

JDM Sport Vixens are always hard working at car shows.  For every car shows you go, you definitely should stop by and give them your support!! / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to

No matter if it is hard beating sun, or biting wet winter cold, or days-long convention center air con, nothing can stop JDM Sport Vixens!!  Jasmyn Skye really kicks the promotional work to the next level!  Our hats off to her and her Energizer-bunny JDM Sport Vixens team!!  We can very safely say, "See you at the next show!!!"

Our Stunning Blonde Cover Model Ashley Twomey Joined Drivingline Models at #Nitto #EAD2016 @Ashley2me @onewonderworld

Driving Line had three hotties for the Nitto EAD 2016 car show, and our super hot cover model Ashley Twomey was looking awesome!! / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to

The modern three graces or three hotties showed up at the Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day Anaheim 2016 as the Driving Line models.

First off is our cover model, Ashley Twomey, who just stood out in her bright and shiny blond hair, and crystal blue eyes and ultra fit figure!  She totally made the temperature up several notches, but we don't blame her for that!

We also met up Jo Gomez and Ally Joy, who both were also making the nano climate change to micro global warming here... We love it!!
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