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August 18, 2016

Top Model Erica Nagashima Not Only Looking Amazing, Also Protecting Environment While Doing it! @EricaNagashima

top model Erica Nagashima looking amazing in simple black top and denim shorts

Top model Erica Nagashima effortlessly gave us gorgeous pictures in just less than 30 seconds at Roadrace Engineering at Nitto Tire Auto Enthusiast Day Anaheim 2016

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

Of many amazing things that Erica Nagashima is good at, one is her great talent in creating stunning photos so effortlessly!

At the Nitto Tires AED/A 2016 show, we met up with Erica Nagashima during the hot hot Angel Stadium car show venue.  Just briefly taking some quick shots of this gorgeous model, thinking just a few snapshots.

But no, we were deeply impressed by how the beautiful Erica posed that is totally photogenic and portrait picture ready!

Not only she was right on point with her head tilting, hand placements, s-curving, and enticing smiles, she is totally at ease doing it, just like drinking a glass of water or having a casual conversation with her friends.

This is the talent and gift and sill all combined together.  If you go to
car shows or any events, you would mostly find models may be over doing it, but most likely under-doing it.  Erica is so right on that you don't need 10 photos to get one good one... In this sense, we can say Erica is very friendly to the environment too, by saving us energy, time, and magnetic/optical storage space!!  Erica is awesome!!

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