Big Highlights of Race Wars LA at Irwindale by John Fujinami @j_fujinami @742marketing

Our great media friend John Fujinami has brought us back the glorious show coverage of the long anticipated Race Wars LA, Irwindale Speedway, 2016! / W&HM Staff

Due to a very unexpected family event, our originally designated media person could not attend the Race Wars LA happening at Irwindale Speedway.  It was literally a last minute change...

However, our wonderful and great media friend John Fujinami has agreed to bring us back the great show pictorial coverage of the big car race and show to our readers here!
The weather could not be more perfect besides being a little bit toasty, here in the southern California San Gabriel Valley, where famous Asian foods abound and a popular area for import and modified car shows.  

742 Marketing team has brought
the regional amateur and semi-pro race car drivers to a safe and legal venue for friendly racing.  The actions were hot and tense and tons of fun!

Besides the racing, the majority of the event was about cars and models.  To lead off the modeling side, our cover model Jessica Weaver, as well as feature model Hanna Ferraez, were at the show for many camera opps.  
Together with them were many other models that were from the vendor side or from the car club side, or just being there.  There were a lot of camera clicks and flashes all over the place!
 Then the major presence of the modified cars and simply cars were at the event to demonstrate their support as well as community build up.  From these cars, we could see the love and enthusiasm, and money and sweats put into these awesome rides.  Definitely check out the full post of the John Fujinami's Flickr album here.

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