Do Not Open This at Work! NQSFW (Not Quite Safe For Work) - Revealing Body-Suited Hotties at #DubShow for Aztec Image Car Club @AztecImageCC

The Aztec Image car club girls have brought back the traditional hotness of DUB Show to Los Angeles / W&HM Staff
At the DUB Show LA, things got really heated up when the two hotties from Aztec Image car club showed up by the ultra swag low rider car.  The revaluing blue body suites highlights all the great curves of the beautiful models, right next to the bright orange lowerider truck.  The visual cannot be more exciting!

Sierra on the left has such a sweet face and her friend has such a great model style gave us a total heart-pounding and head sweating and nose bleeding moments at the show.

We sure hope to see them again in the future!  Great work, Team Aztec Image Car Club!

Aztec Image Car Club Models

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